Bored with your workout? Introducing TRX: the newest trend in fitness

Tonal Resistance eXercise (TRX) Suspension Training isn't just another exercise fad. It shreds calories, burns fat, builds lean muscle tone and helps you develop a physique like never before. Read on to learn how it works and how you can use it.

Bored with your workout? Introducing TRX: the newest trend in fitness

The basics

  • Born from the mind of former U.S. Navy SEAL Commando, Randy Hetrick, TRX is an all inclusive strength training program guaranteed to take your workout to the next level.
  • Built around the combined ideas of suspension training, band resistance and body weight, TRX utilizes two versatile yellow straps. These adjustable straps shorten or extend depending on a person's height and fitness level.
  • They come attached to an anchor (placed either on a well built door or drilled into a wall), which allows participants to use their full body weight as resistance.
  • Whether you purchase a home set or join a gym that offers TRX straps in training sessions or group exercise classes, this routine will give you a great workout.
  • Through using your body weight as the primary resistance and working muscles from every possible angle, TRX combines the best parts of heavy lifting, Pilates, yoga, and cardio workouts to give you a full body workout.

How to use it

  • With TRX, there are many ways to use the suspension straps. You can place your feet in the handles and take planks to an entirely new level, grab the handles and squat on an incline or you can reverse that position and do a chest press.
  • TRX provides versatility while being simple and easy to use.
  • Many at-home or gym programs require tons of equipment in order to target every major muscle group.
  • TRX takes two simple straps and gives users hundreds of exercises: squats, lunges, push ups, crunches and so much more!
  • By using your body weight against itself you get a great strength workout while building lean muscle tone that burns fat long after your workout has ended.

Where to do it

  • There are many ways to integrate TRX into your workout routine.
  • You can purchase a set for the home, you can find personal trainers that will push you during one-on-one sessions or you can find a TRX group exercise class. Unlike other exclusively home or gym fitness routines, TRX has many options.
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