Budget tips for DIY designer party decorations

November 3, 2015

Putting on a party can come with a serious price tag, just for the food and beverage. By the time you add in the cost of decorations, it can be astronomical. By using inexpensive materials and tackling some great do-it-yourself design projects, you can create a themed party on a tight budget.

Budget tips for DIY designer party decorations

1. Picking the materials

  • Before getting into decorating projects, start by shopping for materials.
  • Things like tissue paper, crepe, scrap fabric, paint and beads, can all work together to create stunning decorations.
  • Individually, these items often have a very low price point, and even when buying in bulk, you can put together a complete look for less than $100.

2. Floral designs are always in

  • Paper flowers are a great design element that you can make for just a few dollars.
  • Tissue and crepe paper can be cut, folded and glued to make carnations, roses, irises and any other flower you can imagine.
  • They can be easily themed to match any colour scheme, and you can turn out hundreds in just a few hours.
  • Paper flowers make ideal decorations for baby showers, wedding showers and birthday parties.

3. Do-it-yourself throw pillows

  • Any room can suddenly match a party's decor with the addition of some themed throw pillows.
  • Buying new pillows would be expensive, but with some fabric paint, stencils and covers, you can transform existing pillows into matching accents.
  • Simply take a plain pillowcase and dye it to match.
  • Then, add a stencil accent in a contrast colour.
  • For a fall party, an abstract leaf design makes a nice choice, or using a snowflake design for the winter; even traditional spring colours can make a statement.

4. Designing a stunning centrepiece

  • The focal point of a room often sets the tone for an event.
  • If there is a head table or place where people are going to congregate, it needs to best reflect the overall decorating intention.
  • For a wedding shower, a clear glass bowl filled with coloured glass beads and water makes a lovely place to light floating candles or add flower petals.
  • Strands of beads or sequins along with coloured tissue paper can create an eye-catching display.
  • Stitching together different fabric scraps from the same shade can create an on-trend ombre effect for a table cloth.

5. Going from budget to glam

  • By combining several do-it-yourself projects, you can create a party look that is truly glamorous.
  • Origami napkins, beaded wine charms and a few wall hangings can totally change the look of a room.
  • Combined with themed throw pillows, floral arrangements and an eye-catching centrepiece, these details turn any event into a gorgeous party that will be a credit to any host or hostess.
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