Build a karaoke room in your home

November 3, 2015

Build a karaoke room in your home

Karaoke is a great way to have fun with your friends and celebrate; it's also a perfect excuse to get together and show off your singing skills. Here are some tips for building a karaoke room in your home.

Build a karaoke room in your home

1. Install soundproofing

Unless you want your whole house to fill up with songs every time someone is using the karaoke room, you probably will want to install soundproofing on the walls. You can head to your local hardware store and choose foam insulation panels or go to an electronics store to buy special acoustic panels that will improve the sound quality in the room and muffle the sound outside.

2. Karaoke system

A karaoke system revolves around having a karaoke player, mixer, speaker, amplifier, and touch screen. You'll need a place to mount the screen so the singer can view it without any problems. The mixer can be set up anywhere that is convenient for the DJ to control it, while the amplifier and speakers should be arranged around the room in places where they will provide optimal acoustics. Many of these systems can be purchased as all-in-one packages. Check your local electronics store to see what kind of options they have.

3. Buy accessories

In terms of accessories, you're going to want the same materials they have at karaoke bars. You'll want a long microphone cord and a high-quality microphone, as well as an additional microphone and cable to provide the option of singing duets. You should also consider what variety of songs you'd like to have when purchasing software or additional packages to add to your karaoke system.

4. Snacks and refreshments

Add to the party by having a fully stocked snacks and refreshment area in your karaoke room so that you don't have to run back and forth to the kitchen when you want a soda or beer. You can install a mini fridge for cold drinks, cheeses, and dips, and a small cabinet to keep chips, cookies and other snacks to serve while you're entertaining.

Building a karaoke room at home is easy and doesn't require too much set-up. Set aside a space in your home for one so that you can entertain friends whenever you like.

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