Build a net mesh hammock in 12 easy steps

July 29, 2015

Lounging on a hammock on a calm summer day is one of life's simple pleasures. We'll teach you all of the knots and techniques you'll need to know to easily make your own net mesh hammock.

Build a net mesh hammock in 12 easy steps

Master the knots

  • One basic knot and two variations are needed to create net mesh. Start by winding twine onto a netting­ needle. Next, tie the end of the twine to a shower curtain ring and clip the ring to a heavy piece of furniture or other solid object. The ring can then serve as an anchor, allowing you to keep the net taut as you work.
  • You'll also need to cut out a netting gauge (a rectangle of plastic, wood or cardboard) to help maintain uniform mesh size. To use the netting gauge, hold it firmly against a just-completed loop, then wrap the twine around it to make the next loop. When a length of twine runs out, use a square knot to tie on some new twine at the end of a row.

Making the hammock

  • A netting needle must be properly "threaded" with twine before you can start. To do this, loop the yarn back and forth around the spike until the needle­ has been filled.
  • Use a square knot to tie the twine to a shower curtain ring clipped to a heavy object so that you can pull the mesh taut.
  • When the net is complete, tie the last two loops together. Pass the twine through both, then tie a double knot in the end of the twine.

Here are the 12 steps for threading and weaving your hammock:

  1. Tie nine metres (30 feet) of doubled twine to a ring, leaving a 50 centimetre (20 inch) tail. Thread the twine into an end hole.
  2. Thread first from the bottom­ to the top of the ring, then from top to bottom of the board.
  3. Continue threading from board to ring and back again until all of the holes are used.
  4. Working from the tied end to the free end, pull each strand taut. Tie the end of twine to the ring.
  5. Prepare to weave the twine through the clew strands by first weaving a ruler through.
  6. Strands under the ring go on top of the ruler and strands on top of the ring go under the ruler.
  7. Turn the ruler on its edge, pass two tails between the separated strands and pull tight.
  8. Weave the ruler through again so that the strands above the ruler in Step 6 now go below.
  9. Again, as in Step 7, pass the tails through but leave the outermost strands free.
  10. Continue threading from board to ring and back again until all of the holes are used.
  11. When two strands remain unwoven, cross the tails over them, then push them to the back.
  12. Cross the tails again under the last two strands, bring them back to the top, and tie a square knot.

Attach the net

  • Knot the end of a 1.2 metre (four foot) piece of twine. Thread it up through the board, then through the mesh.
  • Pull the twine through the net mesh and insert the end back into the first hole in the board.
  • Push the twine up through the second hole, then through the mesh and back into the hole.
  • Continue until the net is attached to the top of the board. Knot the end behind the last hole.

And there you have it! Once you've completed your homemade hammock, you've definitely earned the right to spend some lazy afternoons enjoying the relaxation it provides.

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