Buying a gas grill to last

July 29, 2015

In the market for a gas grill? Want to know you're getting one that will keep on grilling? Here's how to make your pick, and what to do to keep it grilling for many burgers to come.

Buying a gas grill to last

Get a grill that will last

A gas grill has a hard job to do, dealing with high temperatures and splattering grease. Here's what to look for in a grill that will stand up to tough use:

• Cheap burners will rust or burn through. Look for burners made of stainless steel, cast brass, or cast stainless steel for long life. They should be protected from direct drippings.

• The most durable cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron or stainless steel.

• Enamelled and stainless steel hoods will look great for years. With stainless steel, look for an insulated hood, or else the finish will discolour from high temperatures.

• Wood sideboards look great in the showroom but are almost impossible to keep from being stained by drippings. A stainless steel one is a better choice.

• Look for a grill that is welded to the cart. It will last longer than one that's bolted on.

• A mechanical igniter will last longer than a battery-powered electric one.

• Make sure the warranty covers the burner if it fails due to burn-through or rust.

Keep grills dry

  • A gas grill can last for 10 or 15 years, and still look like new. Or it can look like it's ready to be shipped to the dump after just a few seasons.
  • Of course, it's important to buy a good-quality grill in the first place.
  • But just as important is to keep your grill covered when it's not in use and to store it in a dry place during the off-season.
  • Covers are available from the grill manufacturer, or make your own from a waterproof tarp.
  • In addition to keeping your grill dry, a cover will help prevent bugs, such as spiders and earwigs, from nesting in the metal tubes under your grill's burner.

Keep the flame burning

It's easy to keep your grill ready to go season after season by following these suggestions:

• Scrub the grill rack after each use with a nylon scouring pad. It's easiest to do while the grate is still warm (but not hot enough to burn you).

• Wash the metal grill bars frequently. Grease and salts from foods are corrosive.

• Once a season, clean the grill box as well. Turn the unit on for a few minutes to soften the grease. When it's cool enough to touch, scrub with a stiff brush using a bio-safe detergent and hot water. Do the same to the burner. Dry thoroughly.

• If your burner won't light, which often happens after it hasn't been used for longer periods of time, brush the burner clean with a stiff brush and use a wire or pipe cleaner to clear the holes. Carefully replace the burner in its original position.

• Wash and wax the cover of your grill to keep it sparkling.


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