How to deal with sweaty feet

December 15, 2014

Walking around with sweaty feet is uncomfortable. The good news is that there are things you can do to help keep your feet clean and dry.

How to deal with sweaty feet

Why do feet get sweaty?

Sweaty feet is a common problem and except in the cases where people have overactive sweat glands in their feet, it mostly happens when your feet are too hot.

There are a number of reasons your feet can get too hot for comfort:

  • Shoes that are too heavy for the weather
  • Really thick socks
  • Extremely hot weather
  • When you’re doing intensive exercise

Ideas for making your feet less sweaty

There are a number of things you can do to help keep your feet cool and dry. Here are some of the more common strategies:

  • Soak feet in tea. This is not only relaxing, but is known to help eliminate foot odour caused by chronically sweaty feet.
  • Wash your feet more often. The more you wash your feet, the cleaner they are. And the cleaner they are, the more chance you have of them not smelling.
  • Wear cotton socks. Cotton is a breathable material that is not too thick, so it gives your feet the opportunity to air out.
  • Change your socks often. Wearing clean socks more regularly is sure to help with your sweaty feet problem.
  • Get a pair of shoes for sweaty feet. This is probably the most important thing you can do to help your feet breathe.

Get a pair of shoes designed to help your feet breathe

Essentially, we are talking about footwear that is more breathable. The breathability can either be because of the lighter or less dense material that the shoe is made of, or because there are holes in the material so your feet can air out.

  • If you have a choice between rubber and leather soles, definitely go for leather. Shoes made of perforated leather are a fantastic choice.
  • In the summer, the ideal breathable footwear is sandals.

Look out for other health problems

Sweaty feet is a real problem that can not only be uncomfortable, but can also be embarrassing. Plus, hot and moist feet can occasionally also be the sign of a more serious problem, such as bacteria or fungus. If you have this problem, you may want to consider shoes designed for sweaty feet.

With these tips, going through the summer with sweaty feet doesn't have to be a issue.

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