Buying a tubular lock for your home

December 23, 2014

When you go to sleep or leave for work in the morning, you want to know that your home is protected.

Buying a tubular lock for your home

Why you should buy a tubular lock for your home

When you go to sleep or leave for work in the morning, you want to know that your home is protected. Every person feels safe with different levels of security, but all homeowners should know a little bit about locks. Tubular locks are not the most secure locks on the market, but they are much more protective than the standard wafer-tumbler locks that you find on many doors.

How wafer-tumbler locks work

Wafer-tumbler locks are very common and you can find them on almost any door. They provide fair protection that most people find efficient and convenient. Wafer-tumbler locks are made with small, thin pin-like wafers that have to align just right for the door to unlock. This is helpful for many reasons because there will only be one key that will unlock that door. Unfortunately, picking these locks has become very easy for anyone to learn. You can use a paper clip to wiggle around inside the lock. Once the lock picker has the wafers aligned the right way, the door will unlock. This is why you may want to consider tubular locks on your doors and other locks.

How tubular locks work

Tubular locks, on the other hand, are more expensive and much better quality. They certainly provide a superior amount of protection compared to the wafer-tumbler lock. Instead of having only one row of pins along the place where the key will fit, these locks have pins positioned all around the cylinder plug, which will make them a lot harder to pick than traditional locks. The cylinder plug is the part of the device that releases the lock and allows the door to open. Tubular locks act as a deterrent to theft because most burglars will realize that the lock is too difficult for them to pick.

The benefits of tubular locks

Another special feature of tubular locks is the shape of the pins. They are shaped differently than both traditional pin locks and wafer-tumbler locks. Instead of being the same width through the entire length, these pins are mushroom-shaped at the top. This causes picking a lock to become more difficult because the cylinder plug shifts before the pins are properly aligned. In this case, a lock picker would have to start all over. Tubular locks are very good if you don’t want to spend a large amount of money and still have the level of security you want.

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