Know the facts before buying a used snowmobile

Snowmobiles aren't cheap, so if you’re not set on getting a new one, a second-hand sled is a good move. But don’t go into this purchase blind.

Know the facts before buying a used snowmobile

Buying a used snowmobile can be a smart move. If you know where and how to look, you can likely find one in great condition, at a fraction of the cost of a new one. However, if you don’t educate yourself about how much the different kinds should cost, you can easily get ripped off.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a used snowmobile.

Snowmobiles vary in price

There are several different kinds of snow machines. The sport trail and touring vehicles are on the less expensive end of the spectrum. On the more expensive end are high performance and luxury vehicles. If you’re set on buying a new snowmobile and have a limited amount of money to spend, you may be forced to buy one of the cheaper options. However, if you want a better performing, more luxurious sled, you should consider going secondhand.

Making sure it’s in good working condition

As is the case with any pre-loved purchase that has moving parts like an engine, it’s important to make sure it’s not going to fall apart the second you reach home — and make sure it’s not already broken! One thing you should definitely do is take it out for a test run. Not only will you have some kind of reassurance that it’s in good working order, but you will also get a feel for the machine to help you decide if you like it.

Bring along an expert

Test run aside, the best way to make sure it’s in good condition is to shop for a used snowmobile with someone knowledgeable. A snowmobile expert will know what to look for to help you determine the type of condition the machine is in. After all, if you think you are getting a good deal but have to spend tons of money on repairs shortly after making the purchase, you haven’t really saved any money at all.

Buying from a dealer vs. buying from an individual

As is the case when buying a used car, you get more reassurance when you buy from a dealer because you often get some kind of a warranty. But buying from a dealer usually means the snowmobile will be priced slightly higher than if you were to buy it from an individual. You have to decide what you’re comfortable doing — and what you’re willing to pay for some peace of mind.

Buying a used snowmobile is usually good idea, but the important thing is to have as much information as possible before making the purchase.

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