Camping activities for the whole family

July 22, 2014

Fishing and “geocaching” are just a couple of the fun activities the whole family can enjoy on the next camping trip – but there's so much more. Read on for more ideas everyone will love.

Camping activities for the whole family

At the beach

Keeping the kids occupied after a picnic at the beach can certainly prove to be a challenge. Here’s what you can do to tide them over until their next swim.

  • Pack a kite. They’ll be thrilled to watch it soar and twirl; if kites aren’t their thing, try blowing bubbles with them.
  • By the seashore, survey the horizon with binoculars watching for whales, etc. Children love observing wild animals.
  • Look up at the sky and watch the clouds. Finding fun shapes is a great exercise for their imagination.
  • In the evening, pitch a traditional bonfire on the beach. Not all premises are alike, so check the fire regulations beforehand.

Forest activities

If your camping getaway is a retreat to the forest, there are plenty of outdoor things you can do.

  • Camping at a nearby lake or river for a weekend is the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to fishing. Remember to bring a camera to snap a picture of your little one’s first catch!
  • Bring a flora and fauna guide. These wonderful books help kids discover and learn about the different species in their environment. Interacting with nature on a trek is a fantastic way to pique their curiosity about their surroundings.
  • In the evening, watch the skies for constellations and shooting stars. Portable telescopes sold in many stores allow you to observe the details of the moon and appreciate the beauty of the stars and planets.

Stay active

If keeping your family active while camping is important, include fun activities that will get everybody moving.

  • Combining hiking with scavenger hunting is known as “geocaching.” The object of the game is to locate small boxes filled with trinkets or toys, using a GPS system to navigate the area. Your kids will feel like professional treasure hunters!
  • Campsites near rivers and lakes offer canoe and kayak rentals, it’s the perfect activity for adventure seekers who aren’t afraid of getting splashed!
  • Last but not least, ask about the bike paths and hiking trails near the site. National parks, for example, usually link their bike paths with major attractions.
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