4 sneaky ways to find out your sweetheart's ring size

December 10, 2014

Ready to propose but don't know what size engagement ring to buy? Here are four of the sneakiest waysto find out your sweetheart's ring size to help you pop the question.
If you want to offer a ring without knowing her ring size, it’s a little bit risky. However, if you’d like her to wear it on her finger as soon as you pop the question, you’ll need to try and find her size in advance without her knowing.

1. Snoop around her jewellery box

For starters, only do it when she isn’t around. Pick a ring that she recently wore, keeping in mind that it’s safer to buy a size larger rather than a size smaller since fingers tend to swell during the day. And you’d better not borrow a ring that she wears on a daily basis, or she’s sure to notice. Remember to put it back in its place once you’re done.

2. Ask friends for their help

Consult her mother. She may have given her daughter a ring in the past or she could help you determine the size by comparing her own fingers to her daughter’s. You might also enlist an accomplice who is willing to borrow one of her rings for a day or two.

3. Hold hands

You could try to assess the size of her fingers by comparing her hand to yours. Come up with an excuse to have her try one of your rings on her finger, or you could try on one of hers for a laugh. These methods may not be the most reliable, but they’ll give you enough to go on in a pinch.

4. Have a jeweller help you

If you don’t want to risk offering her a ring without knowing her exact size, there are tools on the Internet that can help you. Simply borrow one of her rings for a moment and measure it using an online ring-sizer you can print out.

Better still—and more accurate—use a pencil and paper to trace a line inside and outside the borrowed ring. Then take the tracings to a jeweller. All ruses are good when it comes to surprising a loved one!

Buy a little bit larger

If all else fails, but you still want to offer the ring without knowing her finger size, don’t worry. If the ring you choose is too big, you can always have it resized at the jeweller’s later on. Just remember that it’s better to go up a size rather than pick one that’s too small.

4 sneaky ways to find out your sweetheart's ring size
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