Canada’s best cycling cities

March 22, 2017

by Eva Kurilova

From coast-to-coast, many of Canada’s major cities have turned their attention to becoming more cycling friendly over the past few years. With multi-use trails, bike lanes and bike share programs, here are the seven best cities for cycling in Canada. [Image credit:]

Canada’s best cycling cities

1. Saskatoon

Kicking off the list with its 173 km of bicycle paths is Saskatoon. Due to its flat landscape and extensive network of bike lanes, Saskatoon is particularly well suited for cycling commuters. Cycling for recreation is a popular activity in Saskatoon as well, and it is made all the more convenient with the city’s cycling guide. It provides a difficulty rating for every road in Saskatoon, helping you decide on the best route.

2. Ottawa

Ottawa is easily one of Canada’s best cities for biking if your main goal is to sightsee. Cycle along the Ottawa River and you’ll find such landmarks as the Canadian War Museum and Parliament Hill. Feel free to explore other parts of the city using Ottawa’s 200 km of bicycle lanes and 435 km of multi-use pathways. Don’t have your own bicycle? No problem. Just download the app for Ottawa’s VeloGo bike share program and follow it to one of the bike stations in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

3. Calgary

Despite urban sprawl, it is surprisingly easy to get around Calgary by bicycle. The downtown core and the city’s older suburbs are especially well-served by a system of regional pathways, many of which connect to pathway systems along the Bow and Elbow Rivers. All-in-all, there are almost 800 km of multi-use pathways in Calgary, as well as 290 km of on-street bike paths. New routes and new cycling resources are constantly being added.

4. Toronto

Toronto has over 800 km combined of on-street and off-road trails, making it quite convenient to get around Canada’s biggest city by bike. The most heavily utilized trails are the paved paths along the Don and Humber rivers, which allow for quick and easy navigation along the east and west sides of downtown. You can explore these pathways using Bike Share Toronto, which, with about 200 bike stations and 2,000 bikes, is one of the largest bike share systems in the country.

5. Vancouver

Though not the flattest of cities, Vancouver’s layout and topography make navigating its streets by bike incredibly convenient. Bicycle lanes, bicycle parking and 400 km of routes and pathways accessible by bike have contributed to an ever increasing number of bicycles on Vancouver’s streets. The city’s Mobi by Shaw Go bike share program, which was launched in summer 2016, now offers one of the easiest and most affordable ways of getting around town.


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6. Montréal

Montréal’s large cycling network and popular cycling culture makes it impossible not to include on a list of Canada’s best cities for biking. Entire neighbourhoods across the city, thanks to Montréal's size and flat terrain, are completely accessible by bike. Montréal also boasts a bike share program even larger than Toronto’s. With over 500 stations and 6,000 bikes, BIXI Montréal provides locals and visitors the chance to explore Montréal’s 700 km of bicycle paths.

7. Victoria

If you want to experience Canada’s urban cycling paradise, then you need to pay a visit to Victoria. The city is full of bike lanes, pathways and cycling amenities that a large portion of the city’s residents use on a daily basis. You’ll find 41 km of bike lanes within the city itself, and another 775 km of bike lanes in the Regional District. The network is ever-expanding and ideal both for commuting and for taking in historic and scenic sites.

Many of the cities listed here, and numerous other cities across Canada, are actively working to improve bikeability. All the more reason to get on your bike to explore, commute or get some exercise. Enjoy!

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