Canada’s most in-demand jobs in 2021

August 12, 2021

The pandemic has changed the job market drastically since March 2020, with many employees transitioning to remote work, working reduced hours, or taking on new roles. Businesses in non-essential sectors like hospitality, personal care, and tourism have been forced to close for extended periods while other industries have boomed due to shifts in lifestyles, consumer habits, and priorities.

Canada’s most in-demand jobs in 2021

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There’s no doubt the future of work is changing thanks to COVID-19. If you’re contemplating a career move, here are some of the hottest industries and in-demand jobs hiring in 2021.

With retail stores at limited capacity or closed during pandemic lockdowns, Canadians ramped up their online shopping habits. E-commerce offers a safe and convenient alternative to in-person shopping, so it’s no surprise online retail was up 75% in Canada in 2020. This trend created an increased need for professionals working in every stage of the fulfillment process, including web developers, supply chain managers, customer service representatives, warehouse employees, and delivery drivers. As Canada’s online retail market continues to grow, so, too, will hiring for e-commerce jobs.
Real Estate
With historically low interest rates and dramatic changes in work and lifestyles, many Canadians are house hunting right now – and it’s not just the homes that are in high demand. Realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders, lawyers, home stagers, and moving companies are busier than ever thanks to Canada’s residential real estate boom. While parts of the home buying process might look a little different now with virtual showings and curb-side closings, there’s no doubt real estate work is trending upwards in 2021.

Personal Support Workers
Personal support workers play an important role in Canada’s healthcare system and are critical in addressing the needs of the country’s aging population. These compassionate and hard-working individuals provide care and comfort to elderly, chronically ill, and disabled individuals – including long-term care residents, hospital patients, and those living at home. While the COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the industry’s staff shortages, the demand for health care aides is expected to skyrocket in the coming decade as Canada’s senior population continues to grow.


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Human Resources
The future of work is drastically different due to COVID, and human resources specialists are needed now more than ever. At the onset of the pandemic, HR professionals were tasked with helping employees navigate changing workplace policies and a major shift in company culture. Organizations are hiring HR teams to implement protocols that maintain workplace productivity while protecting the health and well-being of staff. As companies look to bring employees back to the office, HR specialists with expertise in building management and re-occupancy practices such as social distancing and environmental hygiene are particularly valuable.

Mental Health Specialists
COVID-19 has taken a serious toll on Canadians’ mental health. Even those who have not been impacted financially or experienced the loss of a loved one are still grappling with social isolation and uncertainty in their daily lives. Soaring levels of stress, anxiety, and depression have caused many individuals to seek help from psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health specialists. These in-demand medical professionals are working overtime to guide patients through this uncertain and traumatic period.
Home Services

Without the ability to travel, shop, or dine-out during the pandemic, Canadians have been spending their disposable income on small home improvement projects and big-ticket renovations. Skilled trades and specialized home service providers such as general contractors, plumbers, electricians, interior designers, carpenters, and landscapers are finding it hard to keep up with inquiries from homeowners who want to update and upgrade their indoor and outdoor spaces.

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