Can't commit? Try these 3 semi-permanent hair helpers

November 26, 2014

Modern hair styling techniques and products are great news for those looking for some variety, a temporary thrill or just some non-committal fun with their hair.

Can't commit? Try these 3 semi-permanent hair helpers

Getting a new hairstyle used to be a huge commitment, but not anymore. Read on for more information about these three semi-permanent hair helpers that you can try on a whim.

1. Chalk it up

Chalk is no longer just for the classroom.

  • Hair chalk is a great option for temporary hair colour and a semi-permanent change in texture.
  • Modern hair chalks can help disguise grey hairs, cover up roots between hair dye touch-ups, hold up-dos high in the air and even provide fun temporary colour options.
  • Most hair chalks either come in spray on or powder form.
  • They're best applied at the root and then brushed or combed through the hair.
  • The rougher, stay-put texture and colour effects are temporary and come out easily. However, you may wish to avoid pillows or brushing your hair against other people.

2. Glossy and glam

If you're tempted to try a new hair colour but don't want to maintain it, worry about roots or keep it forever, you've got a new option: hair gloss.

  • Your stylist may offer a deep-conditioning glossing treatment that offers a gentle cast of colour and a glossy sheen that lives up to its name.
  • Worried about maintaining your hair gloss? Don't be. The colour and glossy texture fades over a six-week period, letting your natural hair eventually shine through.
  • It's a great option for people who want the gorgeous look of hair dye without the costly bill and long-term maintenance hassle. Ask your stylist for a glossing treatment before your next hair cut.

3. Clip it in

Want longer hair but can't wait a year? If you're thinking about investing in semi-permanent hair extensions, clip-in extensions might be right for you.

  • These commitment-free length extenders attach to tiny hair clips and can be easily tucked beneath your existing hair.
  • Clip-in extensions are a fun way to lengthen your hair for special occasions.
  • They add volume, depth and length without the time or money commitment of "real" extensions.
  • You can purchase clip-ins at your favourite beauty supply store or online supplier.
  • Be sure to remove clip-in extensions at night to protect your hair from damage.

Choice without commitment

Enjoy your new, temporary hair look with these fun ideas. Change your style daily or weekly; it's up to you. Semi-permanent hair helpers are all about giving you choices without tying you down.

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