Being invited to a wedding as a guest is your chance to dress up! Here are some suggestions about what to wear and what you should avoid to help you look your very best.
Even if you’re extremely organized, budgeting for your wedding can be very difficult. Here are three "C" secrets to help you plan your dream wedding and avoid unexpected costs.
With the warmer weather, people everywhere are preparing to get married, which includes getting engaged. Hoping for a perfect engagement party? Rule #1: It's never too early to start planning! Here are some other great tips to help.
No matter what you've done, there are right and wrong ways to apologize. Here are seven tips for saying you're sorry the right way, ranging from taking full responsibility to apologizing as soon as you can.
Getting divorced is hard on anyone, but it can be particularly difficult for the children of the couple getting divorced. These four tips help parents keep their minds on what matters during a divorce:
Whatever the child's age, going through a divorce is difficult, so it's important to approach the subject with care and never blame the child for the situation. Here are some of the best tips for helping children through tough times.
Sometimes organized sports for kids get a bad rap because of a perceived emphasis on winning and pressure to attend, but sports are geared towards your child’s development. Here are some reasons why you should consider signing your child up for sport
When bullies pick on kids, they can turn an ordinary day into a nightmare. If your child is being bullied, it's important to intervene quickly. Here are some tips to help you and your children handle bullying.
Setting up a wedding booth at your wedding is a fun, simple way for your guests to take a special souvenir home.
Finally: you said "yes" to the proposal. Congratulations! Now is the time to prepare for your wedding and make this event unforgettable — all within your budget.
New Year's resolutions are a great way for people to get a fresh start come January 1. However, New Year's resolutions aren't exclusively for individuals. There are numerous New Year's resolutions couples can make together to give their relationship
If you're committed to making this year the one you start giving back, here are five ways to start being more philanthropic.
Outdoor weddings are very popular and bring an informal, relaxed atmosphere to the event. Follow these tips to plan the perfect outdoor wedding.
For many kids, there's a sense of sadness or even dread as the summer comes to a close. Gone are the easy, sunny days of playing all day and not having homework. As fall approaches, consider using these guidelines for easing the transition from summe
Do you and your partner prefer an island paradise or jungle eco-trek? A honeymoon is only idyllic if it appeals to both partners. Here are the five best-ever honeymoon ideas: which one suits you two most?
Wedding receptions tend to be lively occasions, filled with eating, drinking and especially dancing. However, dancing need not be the focus. If you're planning a reception, why not give these four other fun activities a try?
Anyone who has been married or in a relationship can probably attest to the challenges of staying happy together long term. Read on to find great advice often offered by longtime married couples.
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