The beauty of begonias lies in their versatility. They can be found in shrub beds or by themselves in containers. Here are ways to get the most from these pretty annuals.
Petunias come in just about any colour except orange, which makes them a top choice for gardeners among summer-flowering annuals. Here are five helpful pointers for growing these care-free flowers in your garden for maximum colour and appeal.
When you want vivid garden colour without a lot of fuss, look no further than cosmos -- not the stars in the sky but the colourful flower. Here are some interesting facts and tips to help you grow your own.
Although they may look delicate, snowdrops are very hardy little flowers that bloom before the last of winter's snow has melted. Here are some tips for cultivating snowdrops in your garden.
The marigold has large, bright yellow or orange flowers that resemble daisies. Here are some interesting facts on this somewhat overlooked flower and some tips on how to grow it in your own garden.
If you know what flowers to grow, you can have a beautiful garden that provides you with cut flowers with very little time and effort. The plants on this list bloom from early summer to the first frost.
Once the warm weather hits young plants are ready to be set into their permanent places in the garden, once they have been hardened off. Here are some tips to keep them safe and grow as healthy as possible.
Few things have a flavour as pure and exquisite as fresh-picked berries, but it isn't always possible to eat all the berries as soon as they are picked, especially if the harvest is bountiful. After a successful berry picking excursion, these tips ca
If you want plenty of dazzling colour for very little money and effort, annuals are the plants for you. Here are three essential tips for making the most of your annual flowers.
Cheerfully bright and orange, the calendula is is a favourite of gardeners everywhere. It's easy to grow and maintain, and can even be used in cooking dishes.
With a heady, spicy aroma and a hardy nature, stock annuals are easy-to-grow plants. Fill your garden with them or gift them as cut flowers.
The gomphrena genus contains a wide variety of gorgeous blooms. Find the colour that's perfect for your garden and add the touch it's been missing.
If you find a little verbena plant to transplant into your garden, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent and colourful bloom
Chrysanthemums are unequaled for beautiful their late-summer and fall blooms. Follow these easy steps to properly grow your own flourishing chrysanthemums.
This care-free member of the mint family has many virtues. Here is the lowdown on this leafy delight.
Brachycome, or Swan River daisy, is a care-free annual that adds a cloud of soft colour to any garden. Here's some ways to grow better looking and healthier brachycome.
Spider flowers, or cleomes, are a favourite amongst gardeners for their beauty and easy care. Here are just a few reasons why you should include them in your garden.
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