If you have trouble sleeping at night, chances are you've tried almost every remedy under the sun. Have you considered lavender? Lavender is gaining respect as a natural, effective anti-insomnia treatment that not only helps you to relax, but also ma
It's not unusual to experience the sensation of your heart beating in your head. While similar to a common headache, it has been described as more of a fluttering or palpitation feeling in the head. So when should you be concerned? Here's some advice
Whether you've been suffering recently from new digestive issues or old symptoms have flared up, tummy troubles should never be taken lightly. To help you discover the potential cause behind the symptoms and if they point to a more serious underlying
If you've been diagnosed with diabetes, an eating plan tailored to help you manage your blood-sugar levels is essential. Why? Because fluctuating blood sugar levels can affect you both physically and emotionally if uncontrolled. So who can help you?
If you typically feel sick after eating sugary foods, chances are it's probably not a coincidence. So how could sugar be affecting your body? And how might you counter the ill effects of the sweets you consume? Here's some helpful advice.
Regardless of if you love or hate running in the summer, the scorching heat and humidity can take a dangerous toll on your body if you're not careful. Here are five handy tips to help you stay safe and keep from overheating.
Whether it's to help your digestion or as a supplement, is taking probiotics at the same time as antibiotics healthy for your system or doing you harm? Here's some advice to help answer the question.
You've probably taken antibiotics before because they're effective at treating bacterial infections. Taking them too often, however, may cause you to suffer from nausea, diarrhea and yeast overgrowth. Here's how you can help relieve these side effect
In times of worry, stress or disagreement, it's easy to lose sight of all that is positive in our lives including health, family and friends. If you've lost appreciation for the everyday good in your life, here are six simple habits that will help yo
With all the mixed messages about food and weight loss around, it's easy to fall into the dangerous trap of yo-yo dieting. The solution? A grounded weight-loss program. Here's some advice that can potentially help you keep the pounds off permanently.
Related to carrots but lacking the orange colour and beta-carotene, parsnips look like pale versions of their cousins. With a sweet, herby and slightly nutty flavour, parsnips are high in fibre and nutrients. Here are three reasons your diet needs mo
Mosquitoes can be irritating and their bites are annoyingly itchy, but these pesky insects can also potentially carry harmful diseases. What's the best way to help stop them in their tracks? Here are five proven tips for avoiding mosquito bites.
It's a great time to be a coffee lover. Cafes are springing up everywhere, there's a huge variety of high-quality beans and roasts, and lots of research is starting to show that coffee is actually good for you. We'll go over some facts that will enco
Although there's no doubt we're born with certain personality traits, experts say much of how we respond to the world around us is learned. While you can't obviously undergo a personality transplant, there are ways to help lessen your anger and sadne
Ouch! Your hammer missed the nail but hit your finger hard. A huge blood blister forms. It's painful and inconvenient so you’re thinking about popping it. Suddenly you're struck by doubt: is it better to leave it alone?
Grilling is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes because it's a healthy cooking technique. Here are a few ways to make your outdoor cooking even more healthy without giving up flavour.
Eating for optimal energy breaks many of the "rules" people commonly believe — for instance, that carbohydrates are bad, that snacking is a no-no and that sugar is a good pick-me-up. These seven simple steps will put you on the right path.
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