Although breakfast is the easiest meal of the day, many people skip it or make poor food choices. Why is a good breakfast vital? It's your best chance to add fibre to your diet and fuels the energy needed to start your morning. Here are nine simple w
Fruit is a treat you might already enjoy, but luckily, some fruits are also highly beneficial for your heart. If you aren't eating much fruit, try incorporating these five fruits to stay heart-healthy.
If you're under the weather, you can avoid spreading your cold in the workplace. Here's how.
Asthma is a condition that is usually easily managed in children: most parents of children with asthma know how to control certain triggers. But what should you do when your asthmatic child gets a cold? Here's some advice that could help.
Many people think of running as one basic exercise, but there are actually many ways you can run to stay in shape. These four exercises will help you strengthen a range of muscles groups.
Allergies are a pain. They strike right when the weather gets nice and you want to be outside, causing itchiness, congestion and other annoying symptoms. Here are four home remedies to help you fight back.
Are your eyes itchy and watering for reasons you can't figure out? Why not give them a break with these effective tips for soothing the irritation and banishing the redness.
The cold, dark winter months can be hard on a lot of people. If you’ve caught a case of the winter blues, then here are five ways to help beat it.
Although prostate cancer is difficult to detect in its early stages because there are usually no symptoms, knowing what those symptoms are and the lifestyle factors that put you at increased risk of developing this disease are important to help ensur
The foods we seek when we need comfort aren't very healthy. Typically, they're loaded with fat and carbs. If you can't always escape the urge of such foods as desserts, fries or pizza, you can at least make them healthier. Here's how.
Your odds of catching the flu each winter range from about 5 to 20 per cent, depending on the virulence of the germs circulating in your area. That sounds low, but once you've suffered through a miserable case of the flu, you'll be motivated to tilt
It's not unusual to experience the sensation of your heart beating in your head. While similar to a common headache, it has been described as more of a fluttering or palpitation feeling in the head. So when should you be concerned? Here's some advice
Although nasal congestion occurs for many reasons, it's most often the result of a cold, the flu or allergies. Whatever the cause, a blocked nose is annoying and prevents you from getting on with your day. Here are seven tips for clearing stuffy sinu
If you crave carbs, but your blood sugar levels are an issue, what can you do to resist the delicious lure of all those fabulous breads, pastas and desserts on the dinner table? Here are six hints that can help you.
Most adults have between two and four colds a year. And although the majority get over them in due course, when a common cold hits who isn't impatient to relieve the symptoms ASAP? Here are some tips for treating your cold and returning to normal fas
Winter is a great for being active outdoors, but it’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re sick in bed. So that you don't miss out on any fun this year, here are some tips to help boost your body's ability to fight infection and reduce your risk of get
Do you freeze up in fear at the dentist office? While sitting still is certainly recommended, staying silent isn’t – take the opportunity to ask your dentist some important questions! Ask this list of questions and you’ll come away with a better pict
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