Whether you work from home or in an office, you can fight the effects that come from sitting at a desk for hours at a time with a few simple stretches. These nine easy-to-do routines will help to relieve the associated stress, fatigue and stiffness.
Homemade desserts don't come faster or easier than these. If you're struggling to get your servings of fruits a day, give these sweet treats a try.
Eating at restaurants can be stressful for anyone concerned with their health. In reality, it's easy to eat healthier when you dine away from home. Want to know how you can follow your diet and still enjoy your restaurant experience? Here are four he
Setting weight loss goals is a great start to leading a healthier life, but it can be hard to shed the pounds you need to reach your ideal weight. Here are five hints that will help prevent your diet from failing.
Whether your free time is usually indoors, in nature, or in between chasing your young kids around, there's a heart-healthy workout for you. Discover your best options for each lifestyle.
When we head outside to eat in the sun, we often go for easy and unhealthy options such as potato chips, fried chicken, and cheese. The following ideas will help you pack your picnic basket with more balanced and easy-to-pack choices.
When life throws you stress, look to yoga as a healthy way to reduce it. Here are some of the best yoga poses for stress relief.
Mosquitoes can be irritating and their bites are annoyingly itchy, but these pesky insects can also potentially carry harmful diseases. What's the best way to help stop them in their tracks? Here are five proven tips for avoiding mosquito bites.
There's evidence that tick populations are rapidly spreading north into Canada. As such, anyone who spends time in wooded areas is at greater risk to get bitten. More than a nuisance, tick bites can also pose serious health threats. Here's some advic
The battle to lose weight is more a mind game than anything else. These simple attitude changes can give you a better chance at losing weight, and keeping it off.
It seems that the more weight you lose, the harder your body fights to hold on to the calories it gets. That's usually when you hit the infamous weight-loss plateau. Luckily, you can boost your metabolism to keep shedding weight.
Keeping your cholesterol levels in check is easier than you may think. Simple changes in your diet can help lower your "bad" LDL cholesterol and increase the good kind (HDL). Follow these five easy dietary tips for excellent heart health.
Anxiety is a normal response to many of life's stresses and, along with being a warning that we are reaching our limit, can often motivate us to take action. Here are three simple breathing exercises you can do at home that help combat anxiety.
Fruit is a treat you might already enjoy, but luckily, some fruits are also highly beneficial for your heart. If you aren't eating much fruit, try incorporating these five fruits to stay heart-healthy.
Whether it's for fitness or fun, if you're serious as a novice about the sport of running, here are seven key pieces of gear for beginners to help you get started on the right foot.
Unless you have a medical condition, your memory doesn't have to decline over time — you can actually train your brain to retain its functions into old age. Here's how.
You know that exercise is a fundamental part of managing diabetes, but excuses to avoid huffing and puffing are more plentiful than daffodils in the spring. Try these simple tricks for burning calories, without leaving your house.
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