Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms cancer in men, but you can often lower the risk simply by eating healthier and practising a healthy lifestyle.
What do fatty meat, saturated fats of dairy products and sugar have in common? You should avoid them all to protect yourself against prostate cancer.
Cancer treatments save thousands of Canadian lives every year, but they can also cause severe problems with fertility. If you plan to undergo cancer treatment, it's important to know what cancer treatments can cause infertility and what you can do ab
With many advancements and ways to treat cancer-related pain, you and your doctor can find something that gives you relief from the pain. In turn, that'll give you energy to keep fighting and stay in control.
Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and it may even help prevent disease. Recent evidence supports this claim when it comes to cancer.
If you're a man and live long enough, you'll likely develop prostate cancer, a downside of testosterone that fuels the growth of prostate cells. We'll teach you more about the condition and how to keep it at bay.
Most men worry about prostate cancer, but few think about bladder cancer—the second most common cancer in middle-aged and elderly men. Reduce your risk: follow the five practical tips below.
While prostate cancer can’t be prevented, men can work towards lowering their risk. If you’re looking to get informed on prostate cancer, these tips will help bring you up to date.
Lung cancer is a fatal disease that affects the lives of many Canadians each year. Fortunately, thanks to lung cancer awareness, many people are taking action steps to prevent this dreadful disease—and so can you!
Few things are as scary as learning you have cancer—a challenge that more than 18,000 Canadians with colon cancer will face in this year alone. Today, more and more people are surviving the disease, many with complete recovery and cure.
If you're among the 21,000-plus Canadian women diagnosed with breast cancer this year, you have a good chance of beating this disease. The tough part may be sorting through all the options now available. These guidelines will walk you through the pro
Although colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide, it's also the most preventable cancer after lung cancer. There are numerous lifestyle changes you can make to protect yourself, many as you might imagine, involve your diet. Read o
If you're among the 21,000-plus Canadian women diagnosed with breast cancer this year, you have a good chance of beating this disease — much better than just a decade ago. Here are some treatment options you should know about.
A diagnosis of a brain tumour is frightening news for anyone. But today, cutting-edge research and treatment breakthroughs mean many people with this condition are enjoying longer and more productive lives. And an increasing number are even cured.
The diagnosis of prostate cancer may fill you with fear and the feeling that you have to do something immediately. Luckily, because most prostate cancers are slow-growing, time is on your side — here's what you need to know.
Most of the 75,000 Canadians diagnosed with skin cancer every year do fine, thanks to a nearly 98 percent cure rate for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. And now more options are appearing for rare (but potentially deadly) melanomas too. Here'
While not as common as breast cancer, ovarian cancer is still a threat. Use this advice to help you lower your chances of getting ovarian cancer.
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