Mosquitoes can be irritating and their bites are annoyingly itchy, but these pesky insects can also potentially carry harmful diseases. What's the best way to help stop them in their tracks? Here are five proven tips for avoiding mosquito bites.
Although there's no doubt we're born with certain personality traits, experts say much of how we respond to the world around us is learned. While you can't obviously undergo a personality transplant, there are ways to help lessen your anger and sadne
Ouch! Your hammer missed the nail but hit your finger hard. A huge blood blister forms. It's painful and inconvenient so you’re thinking about popping it. Suddenly you're struck by doubt: is it better to leave it alone?
Depression can have all sorts of effects on you: from your mood to your cognitive abilities, it can slow you down in so many unexpected ways. Here are a 6 handy tips to help treat the symptoms of this disease.
After a long winter, it's always tempting to cast aside your coat and bask in the sun. Although sunlight may soothe the soul, its ultraviolet rays (UV) can damage your skin and put you at risk for developing skin cancer. Here's some advice to help pr
A big part of staying healthy is keeping the low density lipoproteins LDLs (or bad kind of fats) in your bloodstream under control. Here are nine easy ways to get back on track.
Ever find yourself sighing and yawning when you're under stress? That's your body's way of getting you to breathe more deeply. Why not kick off your stress-reduction program by building on that instinct. Here are three tips to get you started.
Once you're hooked, cutting down or quitting smoking can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This includes things such as irritability, depression, anger, restlessness, headaches, fatigue, increased appetite, trouble concentrating and sleep disturb
Stress can affect your health in more ways than one: it can lead to weight gain, insomnia and other more severe conditions such as heart disease. Here are 4 simple ways to help beat stress for a healthier life.
Are you feeling exhausted by mid-afternoon? Do you have all the energy of a hibernating bear in winter months? Do you find it more and more difficult to get up and go? The following 5 tips will help you bring some energy back into your life.
If you have diabetes, a healthy diet is crucial for keeping it under control. Here are seven tips to help you maintain a healthy diet, starting at the grocery store!
Although it's common to experience periods of stress at work, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and success. It can also affect your physical and emotional health. Because you can't always control your workplace environment, here
There's no one morning routine that will make everyone productive, but there are some general rules that work wonders in giving you a productivity boost. Read on for tips on staying energized all day and focusing with your eyes on the prize.
Getting a good night's sleep seems to be one of the hardest things to accomplish for many people. Follow these seven guidelines to help you ease into dreamland.
There are many different factors at play when it comes to heart disease. Thankfully, there are almost as many ways to help keep your heart healthy. Here are five tips for a healthier you.
Planning on shedding those extra pounds? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to creating a healthy diet and weight loss plan.
Pain can put an end to even the best of days. Often, the simplest remedies available to you are the best. Here's a look at how to quickly and effectively deal with bursitis and gout:
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