Fruit is a treat you might already enjoy, but luckily, some fruits are also highly beneficial for your heart. If you aren't eating much fruit, try incorporating these five fruits to stay heart-healthy.
If you have a goal of living healthier or trying to lose weight, you're more likely to have success with an optimistic outlook. Here are four tips to help.
Do you or does someone close to you suffer from cardiovascular problems? Did you know that herbalists consider hawthorn to be the best remedy against these diseases? Here's everything hawthorn can do for your heart.
Even if you're someone who performs well under stress or pressure, it can still harm you if you fail to manage it right. Here's why.
The effects of a heart attack can have devastating consequences. Knowing what symptoms to look for could be the key to helping you, or someone you love, get the vital care needed when seconds count.
Although advances in medicine have helped in the fight against coronary heart disease (CHD), individual lifestyle also goes far in improving the odds of surviving a CHD-related heart attack. So what can you do?
The sensation of a heartbeat in the head is not unusual. While similar to a common headache, it’s described as more of a fluttering or palpitation in the head.
Not all fat is bad for us. As these tips will show, "good" fats found in Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to our health.
Whether you’ve had a heart attack or simply want to lead a healthier life, a heart-health plan can help you make healthy decisions. If you are developing a heart-health plan, here are some words of wisdom to inspire you.
Cardiac arrest is a serious medical event in which a person’s heart stops contracting and their blood stops circulating. Here is some basic advice for how you can help a cardiac arrest victim.
Pulmonary edema is a condition where fluid builds up in the lungs. The problem can be chronic or acute and life-threatening. Here are the symptoms you should look for, what you can do to prevent it and when you should call an ambulance.
Heart disease should never be taken lightly, but it doesn't have to be feared either. There are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing this fatal disease—give them a try!
Preventing heart attack means watching what you eat. But it doesn't mean you have to take out everything that's good. Here are 5 foods and supplements that will help you improve your heart health.
If you have atrial fibrillation, or a heart arrhythmia, a pacemaker can give you your life back. But, this delicate device needs to be well-maintained and there are certain safety precautions you should know about.
The gold-standard eating plan for high blood pressure is called the DASH diet. It stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Take control of your health today, and make a positive change—try the DASH diet!
While it’s true that more Canadians die of coronary heart disease (CHD) than any other illness, things are changing. You're now far less likely to succumb to a fatal CHD-related heart attack, thanks to better medicines and real surgical innovations.
An increasing number (nearly 350,000 Canadians) now live with congestive heart failure, a serious condition requiring long-term treatment. And medical research is keeping pace with a steady supply of new treatment breakthroughs.
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