Ready for a relaxing spa treatment without having to go out. How? Call up a massage therapist! Here’s how to set up a massage session in the comfort of your home for less than you'd expect.
Here are two recipes for massage oils, easy to make at home. They are concocted based on several essential oils to help you relax, in addition to moisturizing your skin.
Did you know that you have your very own massage therapist with you at all times? Your hands! Here are some self-massage techniques to reduce tension from head to foot that are worth a try.
It's been a long day and your neck aches. Do you know there are different types of massage devices to relieve muscle pain and strains ? Here are some you can use at home to loosen up those knots of tension.
A massage can be bliss for stress or a painful back. But for the best results, you should know about the qualities and skills of a good massage therapist.
Shiatsu massage is therapeutic, preventative and promotes harmony of mind and body. Will Shiatsu massage benefit you? What kind of results could you expect? Here's more about this ancient healing art.
Aromatherapy massage is a form of Eastern medicine that has been in use for over 4,000 years. There are many benefits of using aromatherapy massage for both physical and mental health.
Whether you’re an athlete or just a very active person, sports massage is a must to help you avoid injury. Here is a guide to help you decide when you might need it.
Whether it's to help manage muscle tension or work through difficult or negative emotions, soothing and health-enhancing Thai massage could be just what you need. Here's more information on this ancient art.
The benefits of Swedish massage are undeniable, so if you're still undecided, you won't be for long. Here are give great reasons get a Swedish massage today.
A hot stone massage will work wonders on your stress and replenish your energy. Find out why a relaxing, rejuvenating hot stone massage is an absolute must.
Massage therapy can use various approaches depending on your needs. What are they? We explain the six most common techniques and methods of massage therapy.
The beauty of massage is you have many options available, whether you're looking for a therapeutic or relaxation approach. Each apply different techniques, and we'll help you find the right one for your needs.
There is nothing more relaxing and stress relieving than therapeutic methods that soothe the body. Here are a few ways the benefits of massage therapy can help.
Massage therapy has long been touted for its relaxation benefits. But there are other health benefits you may get from regular therapy sessions. Here are five of them.
Although scary sounding, lymphatic drainage is simply a kind of gentle, non-surgical therapeutic massage to help your body release toxins. But how is it done? What does it involve? Here's a brief overview to help you understand.
These gentle stretches and massges will help improve the range of motion in your hands and ease some discomfort.
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