An essential ingredient of many spicy dishes from all over the world, cumin has been used for centuries. Here are some useful facts about growing it, cooking with it and using it as a herbal medicine.
Garlic not only adds a delicious flavour to nearly every dish, but it has some medicinal properties as well.
Here is our hit list of the three foods to always have in your kitchen, and in your stomach.
Why should you eat more blueberries and avocado? In addition to their sublime taste, they are two superfoods. Here's why.
Here are three recipes that are ideal to make when the weather starts to warm up.
Take a look at why turmeric is a plant used in cooking and medicine. You can also follow the advice below in order to grow it in your own garden.
Healthy and easy recipes can also be delicious. Here are three great recipes to try this week.
The delicious smell of lemon grass isn't the only great thing about this plant. Here are some of the medicinal and culinary properties of lemon grass as well as advice on how to grow your own.
Caraway is not only useful in the kitchen but has some other uses as well. Here's how to plant it and use it in your own garden.
Research shows that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have health benefits. That's why a growing number of once-skeptical doctors now recommend fish-oil to patients at risk for heart disease.
Homemade desserts don't come faster or easier than these. If you're struggling to get your servings of fruits a day, give these sweet treats a try.
If you love garlic, you probably don't care about its health benefits — you'll eat it no matter what. Still, the "stinking rose" has been used as a medicine by traditional healers for more than 5,000 years. Papyrus documents from 1550 BC show that Eg
People have been drinking herbal tea for thousands of years, and it has many benefits that keep us coming back to it, especially for our digestive health. Here are a number of herbal teas that contribute to our digestive health in different ways.
Honey has many beneficial properties that can help when you are suffering from a cold or the flu.
To protect yourself against osteoporosis, follow this guide on the foods to avoid and which supplements to take.
If you're looking for some ingredients that are healthy and full of protein, try these delicious ways to add legume seeds and soy to your diet.
Peppers are divided into groups according to their shape: cherry peppers, cone peppers (in the form of a cone), cluster peppers, sweet peppers, bell peppers, and very spicy long peppers. Here are some tips for learning to distinguish this exciting ve
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