Long associated with overindulgent eating and drinking, gout was once called the "disease of kings." But this painful condition is actually an excess of uric acid -- a compound found in our bodies and also in many foods. The acid forms crystals that
The buds of dried clove flowers give us cloves. They are rich in eugenol, a volatile oil that gives them their unusual flavour, and methyl salicylate, an analgesic substance. Find out more about this fascinating, delicious plant.
It begins as warmth in your chest, then slowly rises into your neck and face. A few minutes later, you're chilled and shivering. It's not a fever but a hot flash, something 80 percent of women experience as they move through the menopausal transition
While back problems are a major source of pain (and even disability), studies show that a variety of simple exercises to alleviate back pain can be effective.
When we hear the term "chiropractic" we automatically think of neck and back pain. While chiropractic care is definitely effective for that type of pain, there are many other causes of pain and conditions it can address. Chiropractic is a whole-body,
Bug bites can almost drive you mad with the pain and itching. Although the traditional approach to treating bug bites is to apply hydrocortisone cream, there are also some home remedies that can be very effective. Try these life hacks to treat your b
Joint pain can keep you back from your daily routine. With common culprits like knee pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, the remedies are simple. And trying some of them is a good start to taking back your life.
Pills, pills, pills! They have side effects and focusing on pills too much can lead you to miss out on natural remedies that are just as beneficial with less risk. They're worth a try, especially if you don't want to be on meds long-term.
Sometimes managing pain is all in an attitude change. Thinking that you're capable and competent enough to manage your pain can be half the battle in getting relief. With a few tips, you'll find you can ease your pain on your own.
Stomach ulcers can be painful and annoying but you can get rid of the pain by taking proper care of yourself and getting treatment. This article and seeing your doctor are proactive steps to making sure your ulcer doesn't recur.
Despite fibromyalgia's cause being unclear, there are a lot of options for management to explore. Some new medications work best in particular combinations and natural solutions like exercise and sleep can help.
Pain helps us to learn our limits and protect ourselves, but some pain is unnecessary and unhelpful. When there isn't much to do to medicate pain, there's always mindfulness to change how you interact with it and that alone can relieve some of the pa
Sinusitis can feel like your whole face has been punched in, but luckily, not much is required of you to take care of it. Most times it'll pass naturally, but if it's recurring, you'll want to know why.
Do you remember your first toothache? Probably not—more than likely, you were no older than 6 months of age, the very first time you fought against the awful pain as new teeth began growing in. Whether from the day you started teething or from your f
Back pain is a common problem, and it's usually not a sign of a serious health condition. However, some symptoms can indicate a larger problem. Read on and see if any of these four situations apply to you ― if they do, check with your doctor.
Cognitive behavioural therapy is a treatment technique that aims to change the way you think about problems like pain. By changing your thoughts, you can also change how you perceive pain. We'll teach you more.
Do you have an annoying ringing in your ears sometimes (or always)? The issue might be tinnitus, when there is a constant buzz of noise in your ear even when everything is silent. The cause is hard to narrow, but there are options you can try to redu
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