Regardless of if you love or hate running in the summer, the scorching heat and humidity can take a dangerous toll on your body if you're not careful. Here are five handy tips to help you stay safe and keep from overheating.
Running is affordable and healthy exercise, and all you need to get started is the right pair of running shoes.
If you have flat feet, you need to look for a specialized shoe to protect your feet and body during a run. Here's what you need to know.
Overpronation can cause both short and long-term injuries, ranging from the feet to the neck. However, it does not mean that your running is over.
Whether you are an experienced runner or just starting out, it's important to have the right running shoe. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best running shoe for you.
The cold weather setting in doesn't mean you have to abandon your daily run. It does, however, require additional precautions. Here are the best five tips that will keep you safe and injury-free.
Running is great exercise. It boosts your cardiovascular endurance and burns calories at a fast pace. You can do it anywhere, any time and the only equipment you need is a pair of running shoes. But, the constant impact of your feet against the groun
Modern technological devices have been developed to help runners optimize their performance. If you're a runner who wants to improve your speed and enhance your physical well-being, consider these four kinds of gadgets. They can help make your runnin
Here are ways to fuel up before a run at any time of day.
In August, 2014, the Journal of American College of Cardiology (JACC) published a study demonstrating the long-lasting health benefits of running for only five minutes each day. This new research suggests that even marginal changes in behaviour can l
Cross training exercises can help runners maintain a healthy body, avoid overuse injuries and improve their results. If you are a runner, consider trying these 6 cross training options to boost your performance.
Starting a running group is a great way to boost your motivation, but finding members, picking trails and other tasks can be intimidating. If you're looking to start a running group of your own, here's how.
Runners report that drinks ranging from chocolate milk to coffee can help you achieve greater gains when you workout. Here are some drinks for runners to consider:
Even the most passionate of runners can find the snooze button tempting during the off season. If you do not have a race coming up, try these 5 tips for keeping your running mojo going strong.
One of the best ways for runners to recuperate once they've crossed the finish line is by refuelling their bodies with an excellent post-race meal. Here are three satisfying meal ideas to consider that are both delicious and replenishing.
Proper nutrition is a vital part of any runner's training plan. By refuelling after a run, eating nutrient-dense foods and consuming enough protein and carbs, your body will be fully prepared to tackle training. Read on for tips for optimal eating wh
We've all been there. After you've finished a long run, you notice your ankle is swelling. Your foot begins to throb and you start limping. What happened? After a nice long run on uneven terrain, knee and ankle injuries are likely to occur. Below are
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