Yom Kippur is holiest day of the Jewish year. The holiday can be physically intense, since it requires a more than 24-hour fast. Check out some helpful holiday advice below.
Yom Kippur is a day of fasting and it's a popular tradition to have communal meals before the sun goes down on the holiday's first night. Check out this list of dinner party tips to make it a great one.
Fasting for Yom Kippur is an integral part of the holiday, but giving up food and drinks for more than 24 hours can be a real challenge. These tips will help curb some of the challenging effects.
Fasting is difficult, and as atonement you may think it should be, but there are ways to minimize the tolls on your body to better prepare you for your fast. You'll be able to concentrate on the holidays and not your hungry stomach.
Yom Kippur is a solemn and holy day in the Jewish calendar year, since it is the day when people are supposed to atone for their sins. Here are some tips for teaching kids about this tradition:
On Yom Kippur, one of the holiest holidays in the Jewish faith, Jews choose to abstain from eating or drinking for a full 24 hours. At the end of Yom Kippur, it's traditional to have a large, celebratory meal, known as Breaking the Fast. While it may
Yom Kippur is one of the most important Jewish holidays. Follow these simple tips to create a warm and inviting space while keeping in the serious spirit of this day of atonement.
On Yom Kippur, it's traditional to have a break-the-fast meal to conclude 24 hours of fasting. Here are some helpful guidelines for creating this meal, from the prayers involved to the best food and drinks to serve.
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