While plumbing is often thought of as purely functional, designers and engineers have recently been taking it to new and exciting places. If you're going to be doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel soon, consider incorporating these five plumbing trend
The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house — and one of the messiest. It's also a breeding ground for mould, mildew and grime. Make bathroom clean-ups a breeze with these great homemade solutions!
Want to lend a slightly more refined touch to your bathroom? Find out how to embroider a decorative organza bag, just like you'd find in craft hobby shops.
We frequently think about the purity of our drinking water, but what about the water we wash with? Here's a brief overview of potential contaminants in your shower water and why it's important to use filters.
The bathroom is one of the busiest places in any home. Everything from the application of makeup to shaving requires lighting of the right tone and intensity.
Bathrooms are built from tough materials designed to take punishment and repel grime. Making a habit of rinsing the bath or shower immediately after use will slow down the buildup of dirt and soap scum.
Aside from bathroom scales, the most common home healthcare devices are blood pressure and blood sugar monitors. Here are a few pointers to keep them in shape.
Common problems with bathroom fans and scales are easy enough to fix at home. Try the below tips if you are experiencing issues with these bathroom fixtures.
If you're thinking about adding tiles to your home, check out these tips to achieve a perfect tile job. Keep these dos and don'ts of laying tile for tubs and showers in mind to make the job easier.
If you're like most householders, your bathroom is small and has little, if any, storage space. Here's some ways you can maximize your bathroom's storage space.
Mold and mildew can cause problems in the bathroom. Excess moisture is the culprit, so it is important to be able to direct moist air out of the room quickly. Here are some simple ways you can prevent mildew from growing in your bathroom by increasin
The bathroom is where we use the largest amount of water, but reducing water consumption may be easier than you think. Here are some simple ways to be more water-wise and environmentally friendly in the bathroom.
Tips to help declutter and organize the bathroom.
From hard water deposits to jamming doors to cracks in the tub repeated use can be hard on your shower. Follow these tip and tricks to prolong the life of your shower.
A minor leak in your toilet can be a major problem, but before calling the plumber, check to see if this is a issue you can fix on your own.
Avoid toilet clogs, low flush-pressure, and keep a toilet looking brand new with these simple tips.
Cleanliness is godliness, so the saying goes, so why not create your own little slice of heaven and keep your bathroom clean, organized and clutter-free?
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