The most common causes of home electrical fires are easily avoided with a little awareness and careful handling of the main hazards.
If flickering lights are an issue in your home, there could be a problematic power supply or a faulty connection. For safety's sake, call an electrician.
Although parallel circuits are the standard for home electrical wiring, we take them for granted. But did you know they offer four advantages over series circuits that help make our lives easier? Here's how.
What should you do when you smell smoke or when an electric outlet is sparking? Answer: sound the alarm with an electrical contractor.
Electrical codes and regulations are governed by the Canadian Electrical Code. This article contains a brief overview of those codes, and instructions about how to make sure your home is in compliance.
Often when phones stop working, there is a simple reason. Here's how to keep connected.
The convinces of technology and the energy-hungry appliances such as air conditioners, heaters, stoves and refrigerators result in higher energy bills. There are a number of relatively painless things you can do to reduce your home's electrical requi
Lighting may account for as little as five percent of household energy costs, but it's part of your energy usage that can easily be reduced. Why not take a step toward smarter lighting at home with these 3 bright ideas?
Embarking on an outdoor wiring project? It pays to plan ahead. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start digging and wiring.
If you're enjoying time at home outdoors, great. But here are some tips for using those outdoor electrical devices you have with you.
Electrical panels are not particularly attractive, so they are often hidden away in a dark corner of the home. That’s where you’ll know to look for yours!
Building a new house or doing some renovations? Have an electrical problem that needs solving? A certified electrician will get the job done right.
If you’re making any kind of improvements to your home, a construction electrician will help you make sure the wiring is done safely and to code.
Getting the right kitchen electrician will help your renovation project be an on-budget success. A botched DYI job can end up costing so much more.
Finding a good residential electrician may seem like a headache at first, but it could save you a world of trouble in the end.
Why should you hire a master electrician? Because the work will be carried out in a safe manner, according to current standards and building codes.
You keep trying to get one of your appliances to work, but the current doesn’t seem to be getting through. Could power surges be the culprit?
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