You may have already experienced the stress-relieving power of houseplants, but did you know certain species can help heal allergies, skin issues, and tummy troubles? Find out which plants you’ll want to bring home to feel your best.
Composting in below-freezing temperatures with snow on the ground can be challenging for even the most avid gardeners, but it's essential to ensure you'll be ready to feed the garden when the weather warms up in spring. Here are five can't-miss tips
It costs a bundle to air condition a home. So before flicking a switch for instant cool – and huge power bills – think about your options. When your house is well insulated with ample shade and ventilation, keeping it cool becomes more efficient and
Composting helps the environment and your garden by reducing waste and providing nutrient-rich soil for your plants. If you've considered starting a compost pile but don't know where to begin, here are a some "don'ts" to help you get going.
Using less water is a great way for your family to focus on green living. To help you conserve water at home, here are five easy ways to help you get started on being more frugal with your daily water consumption.
Although everyone knows composting is good for the environment, what may not be clear is that not all household waste qualifies for the compost bin. Before you toss your next load of household waste onto your compost pile, here are four common househ
Does your garden need sprucing up? Delay your trip to the store. What you need could be lying around your home.
Composting is an excellent way not only to reduce household waste but also to help save the Earth. Why? It's fairly easy to do and many homeowners know they can recycle old food scraps into compost. However, there are several surprising household ite
Vermicomposting, the process of making compost with worms, is an increasingly popular trend for city-dwelling compost lovers. It generates more batches of compost in small spaces, and at a faster rate, than bacterial composting alone. Curious about h
Simple changes in your laundry habits can help you reduce your water and energy consumption – and save money while you're at it.
A healthy garden is key to growing delicious veggies, colourful fruits and lovely flowers. So why gamble with pricey, nasty commercial fertilizers when you can use everyday household materials to create nutrient-rich compost that works just as well.
Lighting can account for up to 21 per cent of your electricity bill. Don’t be kept in the dark when it comes to lighting efficiency. With the right bulb you can save energy and money.
You may not be able to reduce your mortgage payments, maintenance costs,or decorating expenses, but you can shave some unnecessary expenses from your utilities.
Plastics have a highly detrimental effect on the environment, yet they are a part of daily life for most of us. Rather than trying to eliminate them entirely, here are 8 ways to reduce how much plastic you buy and use.
You need surprisingly few cleaning tools for your home. Before rushing to the store to buy them, consider using things you already have on hand. To help, here are four handy tips for a greener, cleaner home.
These five natural cleaning products you can make won't just save you money, they're also good for your health and the planet.
We tend to use a lot of water and energy in the kitchen, especially when washing dishes. Fortunately, with the right appliances and practices, you can lead a greener lifestyle while also saving money. What's not to like about that?
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