Whether you’re a DIY expert or taking on your first minor home repair, a trip to the hardware store can make or break your project. To make sure you get the most out of your visit, follow these simple tips. You’ll come away with the hardware – and kn
If you’re among the many people who live in an older home, you’ll know that storm windows prevent heat loss in winter by adding an “extra” layer of insulation. That's why regular maintenance to keep the cold where it belongs – outside – is important.
Caulking and weatherstripping your home not only serve to keep out winter's cold but can also help reduce your energy use. The result? Savings for you and a smaller carbon footprint. Here are five steps to weatherstripping your home for winter that r
Does looking at disorder typically make you feel paralyzed and overwhelmed? Is "stuff" taking over your living space? Luckily, the process of getting rid of clutter is actually quite simple if you know what to do. Here are eight tips to hel
A simple job - like replacing the seals on your door - can make a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency. Here's how to make a door draft-proof in three simple steps.
As a homeowner, when did you last check if your home's insulation was doing its job properly? From ice to mice, here are five things to check to see if your home's insulation is keeping you as cool as possible in summer and warm in winter.
If your basement floor is damp, the source is either leaks from pipes and the outdoors or condensation from high interior humidity levels. You must find the cause of your basement moisture problem before water causes mould or structural damage to you
Whether because it's old and warped or improperly installed, applying too much force to open and close a door will shorten its life and that of the door frame. Here are some easy fixes for common door problems you can do yourself.
After a harsh winter you're probably ready to erase the damage caused by Mother Nature’s frigid wrath. To help you gear up for the warmer weather, here's a spring cleaning checklist for your home to keep it looking good and trouble-free.
Water is essential to all life on Earth, and many people do not have access to fresh clean water as often as they need. Check out five easy ways you can stop wasting water right now:
If you winterize your home, you can prevent any unexpected surprises. This checklist will help you beat the cold and make your home winter-ready.
Blinds help control the amount of light and heat that gets into a room. To get the best out of them, be sure the mechanisms are in good working order. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind.
An old, drafty window can be a money pit. Save money and stay cozy year-round: make sure your old windows are weather-proof—and new windows are installed properly—with these expert tips.
A broken window will always need to be replaced, but there are a couple of ways you can fix a window with minor damage can be repaired, saving you the cost of a new pane.
After many decades, that old wood front door is leaking air and causing major drafts. You could replace it, but that old door is part of the original architecture of your home. Here are two ways to fix it without loosing the door.
It really is a snap to keep your household under control. With these easy tips, your space will look spin and span in no time.
Shutters and awnings usually don't need much work. But pay them some attention – a little bit of maintenance and a good spring cleaning – and they'll reward you by looking great and providing shelter from the rain and sun for years to come.
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