The idea of investing in new tech for your home may not seem like a money-saving tactic because of the upfront costs. But when it comes to home automation, you can enjoy the latest in technology while also saving money.
Home staging ― getting your home in viewing shape ― helps you sell your home sooner. If you think you have to hire a pricey home staging expert, think again. These five tips and ideas will get you started on how to stage your own home to get it sold
If you're selling your home, you're likely wondering if you should invest in staging your home for its sale. The truth is, whether you hire a professional or stage your home yourself, staging your home is an essential investment ― and some of the rea
A crucial part of selling a home is making sure the exterior is appealing and the inside is flawless. This may require some staging and these tips will show you how to start the process.
Staging your home is one of the most important steps to selling it, since it allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Despite its importance, however, the staging process does not have to break the bank. Here are some ways to do it
Before your first showing, you should purge the home of unnecessary items and eliminate personal touches to encourage interested home buyers to make an offer.
Despite its importance, staging your home to sell it does not have to break the bank.
Exterior home renovations not only improve the aesthetics of a home, but they are also a sound investment that can raise your property's value.
You don't need the expensive services of a professional stager, nor thousands of dollars of remodelling bills to effectively stage your home for a quicker and higher-priced sale. Find out these DIY home stage tips can help.
Here are 10 ways to help prepare your home for sale.
How do you sell an empty home? Read on for advice on selling a home you’re not currently living in.
Staging can help make it easier for potential buyers to imagine living in your home. Discover three ways this crucial extra pre-listing step pays off.
Looking to sell soon? A new roof might be one of the best ways to invest in the value of your biggest asset.
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