After five months of chilling winds and swirling snow, there’s nothing quite like spring cleaning to wash away the last traces of winter. Here’s some advice to help your home sparkle.
You spend some of your most sacred moments in the bathroom — why not make it a safe haven with these six all-natural cleaning products that you can make yourself?
Beating dusty carpets, cleaning filthy windows, scrubbing grubby countertops. Isn't that what spring cleaning is all about? Yes...and no. Why? Because dirt lives on things and in areas of your home you may never think about cleaning – or that maybe a
Most people dislike spring cleaning and washing windows even more – but the sparkling results can make it oh-so-worthwhile! Here are 6 foolproof tips for having the cleanest, clearest windows on the block.
There's no need to pay out for store-bought bathroom cleaners. Try these ten easy — and much cheaper — ideas instead.
Getting organized can seem like an insurmountable task, but it doesn't have to be. These seven secrets can help you cut the clutter so you can enjoy a cleaner, more streamlined lifestyle.
It’s hard to feel truly clean after a bath or shower if your bathroom has mould growing on the walls, ceilings or grout. Here are a few tips to keep your bathroom mould free.
You don't have to wait for spring to give your house a good cleaning. Here are some tips to get your home in tip-top shape during the long, cold months.
Cleaning your garden furniture just twice a year, in spring and autumn, is plenty. Here are a few maintenance tips to get your furniture ready for summer.
Without a doubt, asphalt is tough stuff, but there are a surprising number of cleaning considerations where the rubber meets the road.
Fragile and glass-like, porcelain must be cleaned with care. How you clean it is determined by the porcelain finish — either bisque unglazed or a glossy glazed.
Household odours are not limited to the kitchen and bathroom, or to just tobacco and shoes. Impress your guests with these helpful hints that will help chase away other bad smells in your home.
Every house has its nooks and crannies – areas prone to gathering dust, grime and germs. Here are five places you should clean (but probably don't) to turn your property into the home it deserves to be.
There's a special brush out there for just about anything you'd ever want to give the brushoff — everything from dirt to mildew, barbecue grime to countertop crumbs. They can be used dry (to remove surface dirt from irregularly shaped objects) or wet
Doors collect dust and dirt just like walls, so whatever you use to scrub your walls should also work on your doors. But because few doors are as flat as walls, what's the trick to getting those crevices dirt-free? Here are 3 steps to a cleaner, more
Cleaning your home well starts with the fundamentals of dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning products. Use this guide to tackle your housework efficiently.
A dirty, untidy garage is, at least, an inefficient use of space, and at worst, downright dangerous. If you have no idea what's in those half-empty bottles of garden chemicals and paint cans, it's time for a major clean-up.
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