Leaving your home can create many potential safety risks and hazards. If you're planning to leave town and not sure whether you need a house sitter or not, there are four times when you should definitely hire a house sitter.
You need to do more than just hand over the keys to help your house sitter do the best job possible of watching your home and pets while you're away. Be sure to leave these three essentials for your house sitter before you head out on your next vacat
If someone has hired you to house sit for them, there are certain rules that go along with your duties. No matter whether you are staying for one night or a whole month, there are some common courtesies to keep in mind that will help ensure that you
Done correctly, house sitting can be a rewarding and lucrative job. By reducing rent, providing extra pocket money and allowing an extended stay in an inviting home, house sitting is ideal for students, people on the move and those looking to pick up
Leaving your house in another person's hands can be scary, but there are many great house sitters out there that will keep your house safe and well maintained. Here are some important things you should warn your house sitter about to make sure they s
Finding the right person to watch your home while you're away is tough. Once a house sitter is found, then what? There are two sides of the coin: the homeowner must anticipate everything the sitter may have to deal with, and the sitter must be ready
If you have a house sitting gig lined up, you already know all the basics: do the chores, don't have any big parties and keep the pets alive. Anyone can do the minimum, but if you want to get a great reference or get invited back next year, you need
If you're leaving town for a while, hiring a house sitter is a great way to make sure that your home is taken care of while you're away. We'll give you 5 important things to consider when using a house sitter.
If you'll soon be setting off on your long-awaited holiday, one of the last tasks to do is draw up a checklist for your house sitter. Here are tips for drawing up the activities and responsibilities.
Working as a house sitter is a relatively easy way to supplement your income. However, finding regular gigs does not come without effort. Marketing your services using several methods can help you find regular work, which can boost your earnings and
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