If you want to make a good lawn even better, here are five easy ways to encourage your lawn to grow lush and full without a ton of fuss.
Whether it's to wash your car, fill the bird fountain or water the garden, chances are you've used your garden hose more than a few times this season. So how can you ensure that your hose will perform flawlessly in the years to come? Here are some hi
Although you've enjoyed the time you spent in your garden this summer, the fact is winter is coming. That means you'll need to prepare your lawn to help it survive the harsh weather that's just around the corner. Here's some advice to ensure your gra
Your mower is the workhorse of your garden tool arsenal. Make sure you tune it at least once a year, more often if you use it frequently. A tuned engine lasts longer, increases fuel economy by up to a third, reduces repair costs and decreases emissio
Lawn grasses vary in their appearance and most active seasons of growth, but all have several things in common. So if you want to make a good lawn better, here are three proven fertilizing tips to ensure you're on the right track.
The right lawn fertilizer is important for a healthy lawn that looks great. Find out more about the different types of fertilizers that are available how to use them.
For homeowners, garden hoses are indispensable for many reasons, including watering the garden, washing the car or playing with the kids. If you're new to home ownership then here are some helpful hints for buying a quality garden hose that will work
There's more to lawn mowing than simply firing up your machine and running it over the yard. To help make mowing your lawn easier and for healthier grass, here are several tricks to keep in mind.
Want to improve your lawn? Think of it as a carpeted floor for your garden that enhances the landscape, much like attractive flooring flatters indoor rooms. Here are some invaluable hints to help maximize the beauty of your lawn and make it low-maint
Who doesn’t dream of having a beautiful lush, green lawn? It requires work, but thanks to these simple tips for maintaining your lawn, it will be greener on your side – with minimum effort.
Whether you're starting a lawn from scratch or replacing a lawn that's been damaged, mid-spring or fall is the best time to do it. Here are some tips for growing lush, healthy grass.
There’s nothing like the smell and look of a freshly cut lawn, but you’ll need a lawn mower that’s easy to use and sized for the job to get the results you want. Here are some expert tips to find the perfect machine.
Thirsty and fertilizer-hungry lawns are a high-maintenance way to cover soil, and it's easy to end up with much more lawn than you need. Follow these guidelines for front and backyard lawns that work best for you.
If you don't have a permanent in-ground sprinkler system installed, the easiest way to water your grass is with a portable sprinkler system. Here are some options.
When it comes to sprinklers two great choices are the rotary sprinkler with a fairly square pattern, and the rotary impact sprinkler with a circular pattern. Which is right for you?
One of the first things you'll notice when you're browsing brochures or websites is a wide variety of watering devices. Here are the basic types and a few things you need to know about each one.
Here are things to keep in mind to ensure you're safe when lawn mowing, and that your mower works effectively for a long time.
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