A good-for-you version of an old-fashioned favourite, this shepherd's pie uses lean ground turkey instead of beef and sweet potatoes in place of white potatoes in the topping. Delicious and filling, this dish will become a top pick for your family.
This classic comfort food has a healthy, modern twist: it's brimming with a higher ratio of vegetables to poultry, making it even better for you but just as tasty. Here's a delicious chicken pot pie recipe that's sure to quickly become a family favou
Love chicken but bored of the same old recipes? Jamaican and Moroccan spices add new flavours to these two dishes, giving your chicken moxie like never before! Key ingredients also help boost the heart-health meter on top of essential proteins.
If chicken is already a favourite in your household, this recipe will give your family one more reason to love it: the tanginess of ginger and the sweetness of peaches together in one sauce gives this chicken dish a bit of a kick.
Looking to add some flair to your chicken? This zesty Mexican-style relish is loaded with both flavour and nutrition. Team it up with grilled chicken that's packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and who knew that eating healthy could als
Buffalo wings are popular in bars and restaurants, but they can be incredibly unhealthy. To cut calories and fat (but not taste) we use skinless chicken drummettes, a smidgen of butter in the wing sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream in the blue cheese
Some curries are smoking hot. Here's a milder, gentler curry that even kids will enjoy. Raisins give the dish a touch of sweetness that adds to the easygoing flavour profile. For a delicious family dinner tonight why not choose this savoury curried c
Garlic has properties that could fight cancer, cholesterol and heart disease. Given the amount of garlic in this recipe, this is just about the healthiest dish you can eat.
Infused with Indian spices, this turkey burger has sautéed peppers and mango chutney for an intense flavour profile. These mouthwatering burgers satisfy your need for a filling, healthy meal that's budget-friendly and easy-to-make.
Squash and pearl onions perfectly compliment this delicious roasted chicken dish. A flavourful spice rub creates a faux skin, sealing in the juices and reducing the fat significantly.
Substituting chicken or turkey for beef in some dishes can help you in working towards a healthier diet. Here are two delicious recipes to try.
Whether you've got company coming over or just want a tasty weeknight meal, turkey breast is a great choice. This recipe will help you prepare your turkey like veal cutlets, in a classic garlic-lemon sauce with capers. Enjoy!
Chicken has been a family favourite at the dinner table ever since people have been gathering around the hearth to share food. These 2 hearty and healthy chicken dishes take it to the next level for meals your family will love.
Here are two easy and delicious recipes for chicken lovers that will warm up your home any night of the week.
Of the animal proteins, chicken is hands down the most crowd-pleasing, since it can take on many flavours. Try these vastly different yet oh-so-tasty recipes.
Summer berries have to compete with one another for attention, but come fall, the cranberry stands alone. Its jewel-like colour makes it not just an attractive addition to any dish, but a healthful one as well and pairs well with poultry.
Kick up a bland roasted turkey dish with these scrumptious options. Nutrient-rich and tasty, your leftovers will be gone soon after Thanksgiving.
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