The protein power of pork is elevated with healthy herbs and seasonings. These two dishes will add iron, vitamin C and cancer fighting enzymes, making it not only tasty, but healthy too.
Pork tenderloin is a tasty and delicious dish that's easy to prepare for how good it is. We'll share a recipe that pairs it with carrots and apples for an unbelievable combination of savory and sweet.
Cutting the tenderloin into medallions and baking them in a creamy bath is a great way to tenderize the meat. Sour cream provides plenty of moisture and richness here, serving as the ideal flavour vehicle for sliced fresh mushrooms.
Rolled beef and roasted pork are two surefire ways to impress the meat-lover in your life. Check out these delicious recipes -- just in time for you next dinner party!
Extra-delicious with pomegranate syrup, this lean, juicy pork tenderloin recipe is comforting and filling. With fall-off-the bone goodness and tasty roasted butternut squash, it makes a hearty family meal.
Slow cooking makes this hearty stew perfect for cool autumn days. Experiment with different types of apples — Granny Smith are tart and tangy; Golden Delicious are juicy and mild.
Cranberries, which add a tangy undertone to this dish, also provide anthocyanins, ellagic acid and quercetin — three compounds with cancer-fighting properties.
When mixed with browned butter, the vinegar creates an irresistible sauce that perfectly dresses up these sautéed pork chops.
Juicy pieces of pork flavoured with orange zest and coriander are an excellent match with broiled red peppers and a crunchy carrot salad.
This lighter version of the favourite Asian stir-fry puts the spotlight on the fresh flavours of pine­apple, scallions, carrots and bean sprouts. Veggies and Chinese egg noodles complete the meal.
In New England, pork and beans are traditionally simmered slowly in an earthenware casserole dish. This version also includes dark beer to deepen the flavour of the sauce.
Mexican pork and chili stew, also called pozole, is a traditional dish made with pork that is simmered with puréed chilis.
Lo mein, the popular Chinese noodle dish, gets a shot of flavour with a sweet-and-sour sauce in this simple version. Use canned pineapple chunks for convenience. Cashews round out the dish with a bit of salty crunch.
When you make sauerkraut yourself, cabbage retains its fresh flavour and much more of its nutritional power. Here's a recipe for making fresh sauerkraut with pork chops:
Posole is a Mexican stew featuring hominy, dried corn kernels with the hull and germ removed. Hominy is sold canned or frozen in many grocery stores and offers a considerable amount of heart-smart fibre along with its satisfying chewy texture.
Tender, flavourful, and very low in fat, pork tenderloin is an ideal heart-healthy cut.
There is little more gratifying than digging into a rack of succulent ribs. These St. Louis-style ribs are coated with a homemade barbecue sauce that has a hint of apple to it.
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