The work week can sometimes be so crazy it leaves you exhausted for ideas to keep you and the family active on Saturday and Sunday. Here are five healthy suggestions for squeezing in some fun physical fitness over the weekend.
A well-maintained bike can make cruising down the road seem almost effortless. It just takes a few minutes of care at regular intervals. Here are four hints to help you keep your bicycle in top running order.
When daily life gets overwhelming, getting away from it all may be exactly what you need. If you've never tried the sport before, here are three reasons why kayaking may be the best way to help you relax, recharge and escape from the stresses of work
For many people, back to school signifies the end of summer. And while some view fall with a certain melancholy, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this cool, crisp season of change. Here are five great outdoor activities to help celebrate this inv
On a hot summer afternoon, a trip to the water park can be just the ticket when it comes to family fun. Here's how to get the most family fun from your water park visit while spending a little less money.
If you want to go berry picking with your kids, follow these simple tips to make the experience as stress-free, fun and safe as possible.
There's something to be said about fishing: it's a unique, calming sport that lets you relax and get in touch with nature. If you've never been fishing before, or it's been awhile, here are five great reasons to go on a fishing trip.
Buying the right tennis racquet can be a challenge, especially considering the huge range of models available on the market. Here's how to find the right one to match your skills, abilities and interest in the sport of tennis.
It's easy to forget about your bicycle's chain until it gets so dirty that it leaves greasy stains on your clothes or noisy that it spoils the tranquility of your ride. With a few simple tools, you can easily remedy these three common bike chain prob
Kayaking is a sport that continues to grow in popularity for good reason: it's fun and excellent for your health. If you've never tried it before you're missing out on a number of different benefits. Here are the five most common.
Between office jobs, school and other commitments, most of us seem to spend way too much time indoors. The solution? Think "outside" when planning your day or activities. Here are eight ways to get everyone outdoors for some open-air fun th
Bicycle gears consist of a chain that engages with chainrings at the front and a number of cogs at the rear. Sound complicated? It is. The chain system is also sometimes prone to problems. The good news? The three most common problems you'll encounte
It's often difficult to find time to fit exercise into a busy schedule. But by breaking it up into three shorter bursts of activity, lasting 10 minutes each, you can easily achieve your daily quota. The trick? Build activity into your everyday life.
Are you tired of always walking around the block for exercise? To help shake up your boring walking routine – and make walking enjoyable again – here are four indispensable tips.
The kids are grumbling there's nothing to do, but your budget can't handle a pricey trip to the local theme park. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives. Why not consider one of these four fun and affordable family activities?
It's so simple and convenient it couldn't possibly count as exercise, right? Wrong. Study after study shows that regular moderate walking can help you to lose weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.
Want to keep your campsite raccoon-free? You’ll need luck to foil those clever critters and these three tips on how to outsmart these bold campground bandits.
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