Here are five healthy ideas to help you squeeze in some physical fitness over the weekend.
Joining a gym is a big commitment. Here are the top six do's and don'ts you should know before signing on the dotted line.
Between office jobs, school and video games, most of us seem to spend a great deal of our time indoors. Here are eight ways to get everyone outside for some open-air fun the next time friends and family come for a visit.
Ready to buy a bike but unsure which kind? A good place to start is considering how you plan to use it, which features you want and how much you can afford to spend. Here's some advice to help you figure it out.
If you're committed to staying fit, you need to plan smart. Here are some time-saving tips for squeezing in a workout during your lunch hour.
A well-maintained bike can make whizzing down the road seem almost effortless. It just takes a few minutes of care at frequent intervals.
On a hot summer afternoon, a trip to the water park can be just the ticket when it comes to family fun. Here's how to get the most family fun from your water park visit while spending a little less money.
One of the best ways to celebrate the fall is by spending time outside in the fresh air. These are some great outdoor activities geared toward the season.
As parents, keeping up with the growing list of activities kids get involved in these days is a challenge. One you’ll want to know more about is Pokémon Go, a new mobile app that allows players to catch Pokémon in the real world and then train them f
Too often, we return home flabbier than we've been since, well, our last vacation. It doesn't have to be this way. Active vacations can often be the most relaxing of all. Yes, really. It's all about defining what an active vacation is.
If you want to go berry picking with your kids, follow these simple tips to make the experience as stress-free, fun and safe as possible.
The right gadgets can elevate your camping trip from primitive to totally amazing. Here are 10 you cannot leave home without.
Fishing is a unique, calming sport that lets you relax and get in touch with nature. Here are five great reasons to take a fishing trip.
Tennis can be played indoors or out – on clay, grass or a synthetic surface. It can also be enjoyed simply for fun at your local park or club. Here's your how-to guide to playing tennis and what you need to know before you hit the court.
A camping trip can represent the peak of summer fun—provided you’re prepared. Here are four ways to give your family the camping trip you never had.
Golf is a challenging sport that can be intimidating at first, but anyone can learn to play the game well with a little practice and instruction. If you're an absolute golf beginner, check out these four essential tips to help you get started.
The winter weather in Canada doesn't demand that you keep your party indoors. Instead, find a good hill and host your own sledding party. It's an exciting way to enjoy the snow with family and friends. Before having a sledding party, though, make the
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