On a hot summer afternoon, a trip to the water park can be just the ticket when it comes to family fun. Here's how to get the most family fun from your water park visit while spending a little less money.
A well-maintained bike can make cruising down the road seem almost effortless. It just takes a few minutes of care at regular intervals. Here are four hints to help you keep your bicycle in top running order.
The kids are grumbling there's nothing to do, but your budget can't handle a pricey trip to the local theme park. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives. Why not consider one of these four fun and affordable family activities?
It's so simple and convenient it couldn't possibly count as exercise, right? Wrong. Study after study shows that regular moderate walking can help you to lose weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.
Want to keep your campsite raccoon-free? You’ll need luck to foil those clever critters and these three tips on how to outsmart these bold campground bandits.
Regular exercise can help you feel well, sleep better and enjoy long-term health benefits. With a creative approach and positive attitude, staying active is easier than you think, even with a busy schedule. Here are three smart ways to squeeze exerci
Brakes are important safety features on your bike for obvious reasons. That's why when your brakes don't work, or work inefficiently, it's vital to fix the problem immediately. Here are easy fixes for five common brake problems to help ensure you con
You have a wonderful opportunity to get some fun, high-quality exercise by playing with children; here's how to fuse fun and fitness for the whole family.
A camping trip can represent the peak of summer fun – provided you’re prepared. Here are four ways to ensure your whole family enjoys the camping trip of a lifetime.
Staying fit while you travel doesn't have to be stressful. With a little planning and creativity, you can stay strong and boost your energy on your next vacation.
Getting the family off the sofa, away from their gadgets, and into the fresh air isn't as tough as it seems. Here are three fun activities to bring your family together outdoors.
Whether you're new to the sport or simply stopped last winter and haven't yet restarted, there are many reasons to get into an outdoor running routine – apart from the obvious health benefits. Here are some hints to help you get back into the swing o
The fitness world will always try to sell you all kinds of gear, but the one big investment people with diabetes should look into is a good pair of walking shoes. They'll help you travel farther, faster and in greater comfort and lessen the risk of i
Great hand-eye coordination is a must for tennis players, but so is footwork. To win a match, players must be able to get to every ball, which requires good speed. There are many conditioning exercises you can do to get faster on the tennis court. He
If you’ve never camped before, but you’re ready to leave the troubles of the world behind, here are some ways to make your experience nothing less than perfect.
Golf is a challenging sport that can be intimidating at first, but anyone can learn to play the game well with a little practice and instruction. If you're an absolute golf beginner, check out these four essential tips to help you get started.
From coast-to-coast, many of Canada’s major cities have turned their attention to becoming more cycling friendly over the past few years. With multi-use trails, bike lanes and bike share programs, here are the seven best cities for cycling in Canada.
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