Finding original gifts for loved ones can be a challenge. Try getting creative with your digital photos and crafting unique, personalized photo gifts.
Here are some simple tips to follow to take great photos of babies.
The winter months in Canada can leave little time for daylight photography, but some simple techniques and affordable equipment can make it a great way to capture a new night perspective on familiar subjects.
Many a perplexed photographer has tried to figure out how to take high-quality photographs in direct sunlight. When capturing memorable images, sunlight can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.
Chances are, you have your cellphone with you more often than you do your standalone camera. Don't fret—use these simple tips to improve your phone photos.
Kayakers get to see some unique views of the water and frequently have encounters with local wildlife. Capturing those moments on camera is both an opportunity and a challenge. To help you make the most of them, check out these tips for how to get so
Taking photos to mark an engagement is a great way to commemorate the occasion. Capturing the spirit of the couple and romance of the relationship can be done by following four simple tips.
If you're planning to take a couple's wedding photos, here are some simple tips you can follow to help ensure you get all the shots you need at the highest quality possible.
Are your photographs boring and ho-hum, even though you have a great camera? Use these five tricks to make your photographs special. Here, you'll learn how to turn an ordinary photograph into something truly extraordinary.
There's a knack for just about anything, from capturing the true spirit of a person in a photo to saying a tasteful grace.
Film, negatives and slides all need to be treated properly in order to last. Here are six useful tips for handling them.
Taking photos is a rewarding way to bring some of the delights of being outdoors back home with you. Seeking out the correct time and place for a particular species or landscape, getting the angle right and waiting for the moment when the light is mo
Photographic prints are fragile and need to be handled and stored with care. Digital images are easier to look after. Here are some smart ways to store and share your photographs.
Photography is an art, so there are no absolute rules. But keeping certain principles in mind will help you to get the best possible shot out of any situation. Here are some professional photography tips you should know.
Are you a budding photographer, or just looking for a simple camera to snap some photos? This guide will help you decide which camera best suits your needs.
If you've recently purchased a good camera, you'll want to take the necessary precautions to protect your investment. Here are some tips to keep in mind.
Whether your weather concerns are about where you live, or where you're travelling to, be safe with your cameras and keep them snapping those photos for years to come.
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