Chances are you’ve probably set up camp a time or two and spent some time exploring the great outdoors. Ready to pack your rucksack again and reconnect with nature? Here are 10 truly unique Canadian camping experiences to enjoy this year.
Do you love good wine and seeing the country? You can stay close to home or travel across the country when you tour the wine regions of Canada. From Nova Scotia to British Columbia, every province invites you to savour its wines. Let’s explore four t
One of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest – with British settlement beginning in the mid-1800s – is none other than Victoria, B.C.’s capital city. The city’s age is part of its appeal: when you walk downtown and see the historic buildings lin
Combine hot weather with hot music, cool friends, plenty of food and entertainment and you get a summer music festival. Here are 10 not-to-be-missed Canadian music festivals showcasing the best in rock, jazz, folk, electronic, and a bit of baroque.
Summer is officially here! And in Canada that means markets across the country are bursting with fresh seasonal produce, amazing local crafts and all around good times. Check out this list for some of Canada’s best and biggest markets. Happy shopping
Summer has officially arrived, and Canadians across the country are gearing up for a great one! With warm weather and sunny skies on tap, weekends become a time for celebration and adventure. Have you made your plans yet? If not, here are 8 suggestio
Canada has many diverse and unique cultural attractions that showcase our national identity. Here are some must-visit cultural highlights across the country.
As Canada’s number one tourism destination, Toronto has plenty of hotels. We’ve narrowed it down to the top places to stay for a magical, artsy or scenic experience of the city –because you might as well go big or you’d be home, right?
To help you celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, Parks Canada is issuing a free Discovery Pass to anyone who wants one. The pass provides free access to every National Park, National Marine Conservation Area and National Historic Site across th
There’s something about the reaching the highest point in a city, a province or a country that draws you in (and up). Whether you’re an active peak-bagger looking for a national bucket list, or a trivia buff adding to your store of knowledge, this li
With its incredible scenery and diverse geography, Canada offers up plenty of awe-inspiring roadside views. So buckle up and plan your next cruisin’ road trip adventure to take advantage of all there is to see.
When you think of beaches, Canada is probably not the first country that comes to mind. The fact is, however, that Canada features hundreds of amazing beaches. From Newfoundland to British Columbia and plenty in between, Canada's beaches are as diver
When it comes to vacation, your choice will depend on your interests: sunbathing or cycling, city or country? To help you decide here are some fun summer destinations.
Unique buildings can sometimes define a city, if not a country – the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tower Bridge in London, New York and Chicago’s skyscrapers being just a few examples. And Canada can hold its own in this regard, with some amazing, inspiring
Canada may not have invented beer, but it has certainly taken it to heart. Craft breweries can be found everywhere in Canada, from the biggest cities to tiny rural towns. Wherever you are in this country, chances are there is a craft brewery somewher
There’s something about the raw energy of a waterfall that makes us stop and stare (and take a picture, or two, or 40). Luckily for Canadian waterfall hunters, there are plenty of cascades to track down across this beautiful country.
Canada may spend a good portion of the year buried under snow, but it certainly isn’t lacking in beautiful public gardens that you can enjoy during the warmer months. From east to west, here’s a selection of some of the best public gardens in Canada.
Weekend getaways are best when you don't have to waste time on a long flight or going through customs, and that's why planning a trip in Canada is ideal.
From boots to lobsters to sausages, oversized roadside attractions are weird, fun and oh so Canadian. A road trip to see the best of these giant edifices will get you in touch with some of the odd and wonderful features that make Canada’s countryside
Beaches for miles, ancient temperate rainforests and a horizon that stretches for miles: Tofino is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places in British Columbia, and worth a trip whether during the bracing winter storm-watching season or balmy
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