Certified advice on joining a ski-patrol team

December 23, 2014

Do you know how to respond to emergencies while staying calm? Got great skiing or snowboarding skills? Rise to the top. Join a ski-patrol team.

Certified advice on joining a ski-patrol team

First, check out the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP), the national body for certification

Canada’s leader in certifying ski patrollers with advanced first-aid training, this organization continues to fill a crucial role as a first-response team on the slopes, and has been doing so since the 1940s. Providing vital knowledge on injury prevention, readiness and emergency care, the CSP is alive and well. Every day, someone is rescued thanks to the heroes of the patrol.

Your finish line to certification will come from the Canadian Ski Patrol. But before you start, consider obtaining the following accreditations (these will help you get there faster):

First-responder training

• Taught by a certified Red Cross, first-responder instructor or an emergency medical responder, this course is designed to advance your first-aid techniques on sustaining life and preventing injuries until specialized medical personnel arrive at the scene.

St. John Ambulance certification

• This charitable organization offers quality first-aid and safety training. Find a course by visiting their website.

Be ready, and get ahead with knowledge about:

• The EMS System
• CPR (adult, child or infant)
• Wound care
• Head and spine injuries
• Bone, muscle and joint injuries
• Breathing and circulation emergencies

Visit the Canadian Ski Patrol site and click on “Join Now” or “New Patroller Certification Courses” for more information.

Something else to note:

Criminal background checks are mandatory for all patrol staff and must be done before your first day of work. The costs associated are your responsibility and vary by province.

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