Changing a wood stove gasket: an expert guide

If your wood stove is losing its "oomph," check the door gasket. All gaskets deteriorate as time goes by but they're not difficult to replace. Here's an expert guide to walk you through the process.

Changing a wood stove gasket: an expert guide

Before you begin

  • Check the door gasket once a month during the heating season.
  • When your wood stove is cold, hold a banknote in the door and close the door on it.
  • Tug on the note.
  • If you can easily pull it out, adjust or replace your door gasket.
  • If the note won't budge, your gasket is good.
  • Check for loose spots all around your wood stove's door gasket.
  • Before applying your sealant, first check to see if your wood stove's manufacturer specifies a certain sealant to use.

What you will need

  • Screwdriver, chisel or knife
  • High-temperature sealant
  • New gasket
  • Utility knife

1. Remove your old gasket

  • Starting at the seam or a break in the old gasket, gently pull it away from the door.
  • Once that's done, clear away the remains of the gasket and all the old sealant, using a screwdriver, chisel or knife.
  • It is important to get the surface as clean as possible to ensure a good bond between the sealant and the door channel.

2. Apply your sealant

  • When the gasket channel and its surroundings are completely clean, fill the channel with a liberal amount of high-temperature sealant
  • Wear protective gloves when handling sealant.

3. Fit your new gasket

  • Press your new gasket firmly into place, making sure it's seated completely in the bed of sealant.
  • If trimming is necessary, cut carefully to ensure a tight fit at the butt joint.
  • Close the door, and wait 24 hours before opening it again to maintain pressure on the seal until it's thoroughly cured.

Two more tips

  1. Service your wood stove once a year, at the end of winter. Check seals and joints for leaks, including the seals where the flue passes through the roof, and replace or reseal them as necessary. If you are cautious about cleaning the flue yourself, employ a professional chimney sweep.
  2. To clean an enamelled stove, remove dirt or soot with a solution of equal parts vinegar and warm water. Repair chips and scratches with a touch-up kit, available from the manufacturer.

Keep this expert guide in mind when you're replacing your wood stove's gasket to help the job go smoothly.

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