Choose the style of dance that best suits you

So much to choose from!

With so many kinds of dance out there, it might be hard to know which one to try. So how do you choose? It depends on how you like to move and what comes easily to you physically. Here is a guide to what types of dance might suit your style.

Choose the style of dance that best suits you


This is a great choice if you want a dance form that is exacting, highly technical (even at a beginner level) and graceful. Teachers will correct your form as you go through each movement. Ballet also demands flexibility, so it's a good choice if you tend to be loose, although you'll get more flexible from taking it.


If you want to move in a freer way but still want some structure, try a jazz dance class. You'll still get a lot of guidance, but each movement can be more fitted to how your body naturally works. You don't always have to turn out, for example. And, it's a fun chance to channel your inner Broadway star.


Contemporary movement offers a wide range of possibilities. If you like to be barefoot and move in a grounded way, give modern a try. Movements tend to emphasize strength more than they do in ballet or jazz.

Hip hop

Feeling urban? Hip hop has a more modern vibe than many dance styles. It's also a more individualistic way of movement. Try it if you like to make percussive, sharp movements.


Try this if you like the social aspect of dancing. While the movement covers a wide range of tempos and intensity, most ballroom lessons feel more social than other types of dance.


This is the meeting point between dance and fitness. You can come to a Zumba class in sneakers. The instructors won't typically correct your form. You can just follow along with the class. This is a great option if you want a class that doesn't force you to be technical, but instead focuses on the cardio and fitness aspects of dance.

These are just a few of the dance styles out there to try. Many studios offer more than one dance style, so sign up for several and see what works. And, don't forget to have fun!

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