Finding the right theme for your Christmas decor

November 6, 2014

From the bright lights to the festive garlands, Christmastime seems to bring out the decorator in all of us. So how should you choose a theme for your overall decorating scheme that really shows off your style? Here are some helpful hints sure to add holiday cheer to any home.

Finding the right theme for your Christmas decor

Deciding on a colour scheme

One first step that can be a great starting point for creating a beautifully decorated house is choosing your Christmas colour theme.

  • Red and green are traditional colours, while gold and silver always brighten up a room.
  • Recently, many people have chosen to branch out into hot pinks and blues, vibrant glittery rainbows and more.
  • Monochrome colours are also popular and quite traditional, so don't shy away from an all-green or all-blue Christmas. Many stores sell sets of ornaments and other decorations that are all in the same colour for this purpose.

Depending on whether you want a traditional look or something that's a bit more modern, a colour scheme will certainly help set the mood.

Vintage or modern?

Would you prefer mercury-style glass ornaments reminiscent of the Victorian era? Boughs of pine and holly that bring nature indoors and remind the family of times past? Or are you likely to choose something more modern including themes such as outer space, popular cartoon characters or even Canadian patriotism?

  • Many of these items cross over between one theme and another – for instance, a modern spaceship-themed ornament made in the Victorian glass style – so mixing and matching is possible.

Don't feel stuck in one style. Eclectic decor can be both interesting and pleasing to the eye.

  • If you use pine boughs or cones indoors always make sure they aren't near open flames, such as candles. Dry pine needles or cones are a potential fire hazard if brought inside. Freshly cut branches are usually safer to use.

Homemade or store bought?

Another option to consider is whether you want to buy your home's decorations or create them yourself.

  • There are tons of step-by-step instructions to be found online for creating homemade ornaments and garlands. Even better, these projects range from simple techniques for kids to some that require advanced crafting skills, so everyone can get involved!
  • Paper chains, popcorn and cranberry garlands, and cut-out gingerbread men are all decorations that are easily made at home.

Although purchasing decorations may lend to a more cohesive feel, nothing beats an ornament made by your child.

  • It's also an opportunity to spend some quality time together with your child, which is a gift in and of itself.

Setting the tone for celebration

Deciding how your home will look for the Holidays can set the tone for your family's celebration, as well as influence how your friends and loved ones feel when entering your home. Above all, remember that decorating your home needn't be costly or complicated. Most important of all is that it reflects your personality.

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