3 things to consider before buying an above ground pool

January 13, 2015

Installing an above ground pool in your backyard will help you and your family enjoy those hot summer days even more. Find out more about which type is best for you.

3 things to consider before buying an above ground pool

1. Types of above ground pools

Choosing the best type of pool for your yard really comes down to how much you'll be using it and for how long. There are a few different types of pools to consider:

  • Permanent: Permanent swimming pools are sturdy and long-lasting, designed to stay in one place for years.

    • Choose a permanent pool if you plan on swimming regularly or want to make a pool a central backyard feature.
    • They’re often larger and more expensive than other pools, but can be customized to your available space.
  • Temporary: Temporary pools are similar to permanent models in design and materials, but are easier to take down during the offseason.

    • Aluminum or fibreglass pools, in particular, are lightweight so you can move them around when necessary. They are also much sturdier and usually bigger than inflatable models.
  • Inflatable: An inflatable pool is lightweight and easy to assemble or take down.

    • These pools are best for smaller yards or climates where you can only swim for a couple of months during the year.
    • You can easily move or take it down before a party and in the offseason.

To help with your choice, first consider the location and size of your backyard before buying an above ground pool.

2. Pool materials

Most outdoor pools are made from aluminum, steel, fibreglass or resin.

  • Steel and resin are the most expensive and long-lasting, mostly made for permanent backyard pools.
  • Resin might be a good choice because it doesn’t corrode and can be custom moulded for seats and stairs.
  • Many family pools are aluminum or fibreglass because they’re affordable and easy to move.

3. Pool shape

  • An oval pool is better in narrower yards but offers less overall swimming space making it more suited for recreation than swimming laps.
  • Circular pools have more swimming space but take up more room in the yard.

Remember, some municipalities require proper zoning if you have a pool on your property and you may require additional security measures (such as a fence) to legally have a pool.

An above ground pool can give you all the wet and wild fun of an in-ground pool without the expensive installation and maintenance costs. All you have to do now is determine the type you want and enjoy the lazy summer days ahead.

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