Choosing between limited and unlimited rental car mileage

December 1, 2014

Debating about what kind of package to choose for your rental car? Discover six tips to help you choose the best option for your trip.

Choosing between limited and unlimited rental car mileage

Confused by limited and unlimited mileage rental car options? You’re not alone. Every day, travellers are trying to figure out how far they can drive in their rental car, and which package option is the best fit for them.

Here are six tips to help you choose limited or unlimited mileage for your rental car:

1. Figure out how far you are travelling

It might seem basic, but it is the most important step in your decision. Make sure to leave yourself a little wiggle room in case you get lost or need to drive further. Unlimited mileage is a great option if you have a lot of road to cover. With unlimited mileage, you pay a higher daily rate, but don’t need to worry about how many kilometres you rack up. If you aren’t travelling that far, then you probably don’t need unlimited mileage. Most rental companies offer a limited number of kilometres that are included in their rental package, and then charge you for every kilometre that you go over.

2. Check to see if unlimited mileage is available in your area

Some rental car companies, especially locally owned agencies, prevent their renters from taking the car out of province or country.

3. Check the costs associated with unlimited mileage

Limited mileage usually costs a flat daily fee, and you will only pay more if you go over your kilometre limit. Unlimited mileage car rentals sometimes have additional fees that you pay in exchange for the peace of mind of having unlimited kilometres.

4. Read the fine print

If the rental agreement doesn’t state that you have unlimited kilometres or say that a set number of kilometres are included in your package, the company has the right to charge you for every kilometre you put on the car. And that can really add up.

5. Know about additional charges

5. If you choose a standard (limited mileage) package, make sure you know how much it will be if you go over. Ask your rental car company or read the rental agreement to figure out how many kilometres are included in your package, and how much it will be for each kilometre you go over.

6. Choose the option that feels right to you

Unlimited mileage is great, not just because you can drive as much as you want, but also because it offers you peace of mind. If the total cost of unlimited mileage is more than the cost you determined for the limited mileage plan, save yourself some money and go with the limited mileage package. If the two costs are pretty much equal, choose the unlimited mileage package. That way you won’t be worried about getting charged for any kilometres you go over.

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