Choosing low maintenance countertops

December 23, 2014

When you choose a countertop, you want something low maintenance and long lasting. Let’s take a look at the best options for countertops when it comes to maintenance.

Countertops are the surface in the house that see the most wear and tear in a given day. Things get cut on them, food is constantly being spilled or placed on them, and all sorts of miscellaneous objects end up on there. Putting your keys down on a countertop might not harm it, but doing it every day for a decade will eventually have an impact. The same is true for every other thing that ends up on there. And of course, kitchen countertops get cleaned with chemical products very often.

Here are some different countertop options to choose from:

The best countertops for maintenance

Zinc is a great material to start with for countertops because, while stainless steel often looks dirty because every single mark shows up, zinc actually gets more beautiful over time and with use. The material slowly matures into a darker, attractive hue. It’s also not a porous material, meaning it won’t gather germs in tiny places, and it’s not a hospitable environment for bacteria to grow.

Laminate countertops are also a great option, as they come in many shades and finishes and are extremely easy to keep clean.

Soapstone is a classic for a reason. Not only is it beautiful, it’s quite durable, heat resistant, and it doesn’t stain or build up germs. Soapstone can chip and scratch though, so if you decide on soapstone just be aware that, over time, it will develop something of a worn look.

Engineered quartz is a combination of polymer resin and crushed stone material, and is common in many modern buildings. It resists scratches and stains and is easy to clean and keep germ-free.

One nice eco-friendly option at your disposal is recycled glass. It's more durable than normal glass, and is very easy to keep clean. It only needs a little soap and a wipe down to stay clean.

Another good option is granite, which is quite nice to look at and very durable. But because of its porous nature, it needs to be resealed each year. The same is true for marble and concrete. So if you opt for these kinds of materials, know they come with a little more maintenance than some of your other options.

Choosing low maintenance countertops
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