How to furnish a tiny patio

November 3, 2015

How to furnish a tiny patio

If you want to spruce up your tiny patio so you have a place to relax or entertain guests on summer evenings, the first step is choosing suitable furniture.

How to furnish a tiny patio

Take measurements

When furnishing a tiny patio, don't purchase anything until you've taken exact measurements to ensure the furniture will fit properly in the allotted space. Judging the size of a piece of furniture in the store can be misleading because everything looks smaller in a furniture store showroom. Measure both the space and the actual furniture pieces before you buy.

Easy-to-store patio furniture

Maximize your space by choosing patio furniture that can easily be stored when it's not in use. Stackable or folding patio chairs are a good choice because you can set them up when company arrives and put them away later. There's no reason to trip over extra furniture on your patio if no one is using it.

Dual-purpose furniture

Another way to make the best use of your tiny patio space is by selecting furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. For instance, a simple garden bench can be used for extra seating while entertaining guests, and you can pull it up to the table when dining outside on the patio. A garden bench with a storage compartment under the seat provides extra storage space for things like gardening tools and outdoor toys.

Scaled-down sizes

You don't want your tiny patio to be dwarfed by furniture that's too large for the space. When selecting appropriately sized furniture, look for scaled-down pieces that serve the same purpose as larger ones. Instead of buying a traditional patio table, opt for a patio bistro set. Choosing compact furniture opens up the space and provides more options when arranging it.

Table for narrow patio space

If your patio is small and narrow, a rectangular or square table, rather than a round one, makes the best use of a tight space. This way, the table can be pushed up against the wall until you need to use it.

There's no reason to neglect your outdoor patio just because it's small. Select the right type of furniture so you can get out there and enjoy your home's outdoor room.

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