Choosing the best track size for your snowmobile

Having the right track size is important to getting the best performance from your snowmobile. Discover how to make the best choice.

Choosing the best track size for your snowmobile

Different snowmobile track sizes are suited to different riding styles and conditions. Having the right snowmobile track is as important as having the right size tired for your car. The wrong track can have a serious negative affect on how your snowmobile performs.

If you want to avoid accidents and get the best possible performance out of your snowmobile, it’s essential to choose the right snowmobile track. To do this, you’ll need to determine whether you need a long track or a short track for your snowmobile.

Short tracks

Short tracks are often used for more performance-oriented snowmobiles. Short tracks are well suited for performance rides, because they are ideal for high speed and maneuverability on the trials.

Short snowmobile tracks usually range from 121 to 128 inches (3.07 to 3.25 metres) in length. They are most frequently used on sleds with less powerful engines. Short tracks also have smaller lugs so sleds that use them are able to reach top speeds much faster than snowmobiles with long tracks. The drawback is that they don’t perform as well on fresh snow, so they are best used on existing trails. Additionally, the tracks are able to withstand less weight because they have a smaller foot print. This is why most short track snowmobiles are often used for racing.

Long tracks

Long tracks are better suited for snowmobile function. If your snowmobile serves a utilitarian purpose, long tracks are likely a better choice for you. They tend to be used on heavier snowmobiles and for vehicles used on loose, powdery snow.

Long tracks are typically 136 inches (3.45 metres) long or longer. Long tracks cover a bigger footprint on the snow, and have deeper treads and studs for enhanced traction. This allows them to travel more effectively off trails and in deep snow. The longer tracks are normally for use with snowmobiles with powerful engines. The downside is that the long tracks tend to create more drag and have less maneuverability than the short tracks used on performance sleds. If you’re looking for a snowmobile capable of off-trail travel then long tracks are the right choice for you.

Choosing the right snowmobile track for you

Using a snowmobile can be a fun activity or a great way to meet transportation needs in winter conditions. But just like with any other vehicle, you need to choose the right gear for the performance you’re looking for in order to have the best experience.

Now that you know about the two different types of snowmobile tracks, you need to consider the kind of riding you want to do and your level of experience. It’s important not to get a snowmobile that is beyond your skill level, for safety’s sake. This is particularly true for more powerful snowmobiles. It’s also important to know that there is no such thing as an all-purpose snowmobile. You need to decide whether you want to explore deep mountain areas or enjoy lighter, more recreational snowmobile use.

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