Choosing the right clothing for baby

Shopping for a baby on the way? It’s easy to get over-excited and overwhelmed by all of the choices and possibilities. Between separates and bodysuits, who knows what to choose? Here’s some advice.

Choosing the right clothing for baby

Separates vs. bodysuits

Separates are super fun and cute. You can dress your little one as a mini version of yourself, but remember: this means buying a few items of clothing for every day as opposed to one if you opted for onesies. Plus, pants don’t have those handy little snaps that make changing diapers a lot simpler. You may also want to consider that this baby will grow quickly and need new garb every few months. Sticking to bodysuits might be easier at this young age.


Babies outgrow their clothes pretty quickly. It might be a good idea to buy something that’s just a bit bigger with roll-up sleeves or pant legs until the baby grows into them. Like that, you can make items last a good three months before moving up a size.


Pick neutrals and you’ll be able to hand them down to other kids afterwards. Babies outgrow their clothes before wearing them out and what you can save on baby clothes, you’ll be able to spend on other important items that will get a lot of wear and tear or that may be more expensive, such as a crib or toys.

Dressing for the seasons

If you or your family and friends are buying in advance, consider when this baby is due and what season it will be when it reaches three to six months. It might help you choose footless bodysuits or ones with the socks attached. For summer, you can even choose the ones with no legs and a snap bottom. These are not only practical, but babies love the freedom of their bare legs against the warm summer breeze.

Getting ready for baby

If you’re planning for your own baby on the way, start with just a few basics and don’t get too much too soon. With baby showers and doting aunts, uncles, and grandparents, many people will take pleasure in buying stuff for the baby. Let them spend some time shopping. It will help them get even more excited about welcoming this new life into the world (it'll also take a little pressure off of the two soon-to-be parents!).

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