Choosing the right wardrobe for you: 7 useful tips

The best wardrobe has two features that allow you to dress with minimum fuss: a place for everything and everything in its place. Here are seven useful tips to consider when designing and/or choosing a wardrobe unit.

  1. Built-in wardrobes are designed to help you organize your apparel methodically and access it easily. There are some great DIY systems that are quick and easy to install. Choose one with mirrored doors for reflection and an illusion of space.
  2. Mesh and plastic-covered wire shelving systems are easily customized to almost all wardrobe requirements. Work out what you need, measure the dimensions of your wardrobe, and take the information to a supplier so that units can be made up just for you.
  3. Add hooks to the door of your wardrobe to save space inside of it. Hanging things on the door beats cramming items onto a crowded rail or piling them on the floor. The inside cupboard door is also a great place to fix a mirror.
  4. To remedy a sagging clothes rod, add an extra bracket in its middle. These brackets usually attach to the top of your wardrobe and project 8 centimetres (3 inches) downwards. You may need to refit the side brackets as well to ensure the clothes rod aligns through all of your wardrobe's brackets.
  5. If adding a support bracket is not a practical solution for a sagging clothes rod, replace the rail with a length of galvanized pipe placed inside PVC piping. And, if you want to keep the clean look of your clothes rod, you can remove the manufacturer's name from the PVC pipe with lacquer thinner.
  6. Since few items of everyday clothing are ankle length, full-height hanging space in wardrobes is a waste. Convert most of the space you have available to twin-level hanging, with a low-level rail midway between the top rail and the floor. Longer items can be stored elsewhere.
  7. Personalize the way you organize your wardrobe to suit your own needs. Look for equipment with maximum adjustability, such as moveable rails, organizers and free-standing drawers.

Consider these seven useful tips when you're designing or choosing your wardrobe unit to make it the best fit possible for you and your clothes.

Choosing the right wardrobe for you: 7 useful tips
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