4 cold weather beauty hacks that really work

Follow these tips to keep yourself looking and feeling great despite the chilling temperatures.

4 cold weather beauty hacks that really work

1. Stay hydrated and take your vitamins

Beauty starts on the inside, and this could not be any more true than in the winter.

  • Maintain shiny hair and healthy skin and nails by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, eating lots of leafy greens and taking a multivitamin.
  • This is essential during the winter as the air tends to wick away more moisture from your body than it does during warmer seasons, taking nutrients and natural oils along with it.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Canadian women swear by moisturizing beauty products for the skin and nails when the cold months are in full force.

  • Try swapping out foundation for a tinted moisturizer, and using an overnight mask and a thick balm on your lips.
  • Don't forget to use both a hydrating hand cream and cuticle helper. If you can add an oil-based moisturizing layer at the end of your skin regimen, you'll look better than ever.

You can also give your tresses a moisture boost by using leave-in conditioner and weekly deep conditioning treatment.

  • Additionally, using a dry shampoo to stretch out washings can go a long way in retaining the natural oils that keep your hair healthy.
  • Products containing soy and panthenol help your hair stay shiny and tangle-free.

3. Rid yourself of dead hair and skin cells

In order for all that moisturizing to work, you need to make sure you're removing the dead cells that abrasive weather leaves behind.

  • Start with trimming your hair every five weeks to prevent split ends.
  • For skin, use a gentle exfoliant a few times a week followed by a moisturizing toner.

4. Winter-ready makeup

Maintaining the right look in the midst of freezing temperatures and bone-chilling winds is no easy feat, but there are a few products capable of helping you look like a masterpiece.

  • Start with waterproof mascara and eyeliner, so if your eyes start to water, your basics won't run.
  • Choose moisturizing lipsticks in sparkling, shimmering colours; mattes make dryness stand out.
  • The perfect shade of red will help keep your complexion from looking washed out.

The cold winter weather can really wreck havoc on your skin, nails and hair. With these beauty tips, you'll be shining all winter long.

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