8 cozy home decor ideas for fall

September 27, 2021

Sweater weather is upon us! The return of fall brings a crisp chill in the air, vibrant leaves on the trees, and a strong desire to dress up your interior with festive autumn accessories. Here are eight cozy decor ideas to help you create a warm and welcoming ambiance at home this fall.

8 cozy home decor ideas for fall

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1. Decorate with natural accents
Bring the outdoors in by using seasonal produce and foliage as part of your fall decorating scheme. Create autumnal vignettes atop your fireplace mantle, shelving, and tabletops using colourful pumpkins and on-trend dried flowers like bunny tails and luxe Pampas grass. For a sophisticated fall look, try incorporating accent items in natural materials like well-worn leather, rustic wood, brushed copper, and faux animal skins and furs.

2. Light a scented candle
Want to create a cozy living room on a budget? Flickering scented candles are an affordable accessory that can set the mood and transform any space into a welcoming enclave. Lean into the spirit of the season by selecting fall-inspired scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, and chai, or opt for musky spiced aromas like sandalwood and cardamom.


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3. Invest in lighting
Darker days and gloomy weather call for a change in lighting. Without bright sunshine streaming into your windows throughout the day, it’s a good time to invest in floor lamps and table-top lighting to illuminate those dark corners. Opt for soft white light bulbs that mimic the warm glow of candlelight, rather than cool white bulbs that create a sterile blue hue.

4. Add texture and layers 
As temperatures start to dip, layer your home with textural accessories like knit throws, thick area rugs, and heavy window coverings to create added warmth. Replace sheer linen drapes and with plush velvet curtains, and drape a tartan blanket on your bed to keep you toasty at night. Place a fuzzy sheepskin on the ground for soft padding underfoot and hang up a decorative wall tapestry for a cocoon-like feel.

5. Curate an autumn playlist
Crank up the fall vibes at home with seasonal songs that make you want to curl up on the couch. Design a custom playlist featuring a curated collection of your favourite folk tunes, indie artists, and other low-key tracks that will provide the perfect background noise for a night by the fire.

6. Incorporate seasonal colours
A change in seasons is the perfect time to switch up your home’s colour palette. Saturated shades like deep burgundy, burnt orange, rich plum, and olive green are perfect hues for fall. Dare to make a dramatic change with a fresh coat of paint on the walls or pick up some affordable home accessories in autumnal-inspired accent colours.

7. Bake sweet-smelling fall desserts
Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Fall is the perfect time to refine your baking skills and try your hand at some seasonal recipes. From pumpkin pie and apple crisp to cinnamon buns and carrot cake, baking tasty fall desserts will fill your home with sweet-smelling autumn aromas. Head to a local farmer’s market or u-pick orchard to stock up on apples, pumpkins, and other late-harvest goodies that can be used in delicious desserts throughout the season.

8. Switch up your pillows
Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to redesign a living room on a budget. Have a little fun with your fall decorating and pick up charming accent pillows in a variety of seasonal prints and eye-catching colours. Statement-making cushions in classic plaid, jewel-toned velvets, and bold animal prints will add visual interest and create an inviting seating area that begs to be enjoyed with a good book.

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